Looking for cities near JBLM? If you need to commute to JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) for work, there are several surrounding cities and neighborhoods near JBLM to choose from. In this article we break down the best places to live near JBLM, according to the people who actually live in them! 

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Good Cities for Commuting to JBLM

We chose to include the following cities on our list due to their close proximity to JBLM and excellent commuting options. Keep in mind that most of these places will mostly require that you commute via car (although sometimes the bus is an option). Traffic during rush hour in this area can get intense, so it’s never a bad idea to try out your commute during different times a day to see what will be best and sustainable for you. 

Also, your commute to JBLM will of course depend on which gate you’re trying to access. Joint Base Lewis-McChord is huge, and as the name suggests, it includes Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base. There are several different gates throughout JBLM that provide access. 

To explore neighborhoods near JBLM and across Pierce County check out the Clickable Neighborhood Map.

Pierce County Cities to Live in That Are Great for Commuting to JBLM

North Tacoma

Commuting to JBLM from neighborhoods in North Tacoma is going to take you about 30 minutes. Tacoma is by far the largest city near JBLM. North Tacoma contains some of Tacoma’s most expensive neighborhoods including the Stadium District, Proctor, West Slope, and North Slope Historic District. In spite of the expense, North Tacoma neighborhoods are very popular with folks PCSing to JBLM. Here is what the neighbors are saying about living in North Tacoma:

Stadium District

Kirsten moved to the Stadium District after her family PCSed to JBLM. What she loves about living in the Stadium District is taking her kids on walks on Yakima Avenue, visiting Wright Park, and how easy it is to go to Downtown Tacoma for the famers market and museums.

Want to learn more about the Stadium District? Check out our blog post “What it’s like living in the Stadium District.”

North Slope Historic District

If you’re looking to live in a neighborhood of historic homes near JBLM, the North Slope Historic District of Tacoma might be fore you. The North Slope Historic District is a neighborhood in North Tacoma located near the 6th Ave Neighborhood. You can learn more about what it’s like living in the North Slope from this interview with Jenny, whose lived there for 15 years:

Learn more by checking out our blog post, “What it’s like living in the North Slope Historic District.

For a more complete list of neighborhoods in North Tacoma check out this page.

South Tacoma 

South Tacoma is one of Tacoma’s most affordable neighborhoods, and it’s also very convenient. It’s proximity to businesses on South Tacoma Way, the Tacoma Mall, to University Place, and Joint Base Lewis-McChord make it popular with commuters of all kinds. South Tacoma has tons of shopping. From South Tacoma Way’s historic business strip to the Tacoma Mall to Costco and everything in between. South Tacoma is also convenient to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in University Place.


South Tacoma has a huge variety of restaurants including Monteczuma’s, Marcia’s Silver Spoon, Peanut Sauce Thai, and more. Tacoma kids have been going to Chuck e Cheese on 48th street since the 80s, and nowadays Tacoma kids have a brand new community center at The Star Center. South Tacoma way has cool new bars like The Mule and old favorites like The Airport.

The South Tacoma area is just north of JBLM, and one of its big perks is that it’s absolutely surrounded by convenience (especially shopping and restaurants), and also is right along Interstate-5 for quick and easy access. Depending where you live in South Tacoma, you can generally expect to drive 8-15 minutes to McChord’s Main Gate. 

Click here for more information on the South Tacoma neighborhood.

South End

Living in Tacoma’s South End is super convenient. Whether you’re commuting north to Seattle, to Downtown Tacoma, or south to JBLM, all of the freeways are right there. The Tacoma Mall is just across I-5. The South End has several local business districts including the Lincoln International District and the Fern Hill Business District. Pacific Avenue and all of the accompanying businesses also runs through the South End. In this video Move to Tacoma Creator Marguerite Martin interviews Amanda about what she likes about living in the South End of Tacoma:


Tacoma’s South End is different from what is generally considered “South Tacoma.” Tacoma’s South End includes neighborhoods like Lincoln District, McKinley, and Fern Hill, for example. It can take anywhere from 9-17 minutes to get to McChord’s Main Gate from the South End in Tacoma. 

Click here to learn more about neighborhoods in Tacoma’s South End.


Midland is a very special neighborhood in Pierce County. In spite of its proximity to the City of Tacoma many of the properties are large and rural feeling. Many people in Midland have horses and other animals. It’s extremely convenient because of it’s location between I-5 and Highway 5-12. So whether you’re commuting north to Seattle or South to JBLM or Olympia the location is choice. In this video Midland resident Quincy talks about how he chose Midland as his neighborhood when he moved back to Tacoma and what he likes about it:


Midland is a popular place to live especially for those who like to live on more land. Another major perk of living in Midland is how close it is to Highway 512, giving you quick access to McChord’s Main Gate. Depending on where you live in Midland, you can generally drive about 12-17 minutes to McChord’s Main Gate.  

Visit the Midland Neighborhood Guide to learn more about what it’s like to live there. Also check out the neighboring areas of Waller, Summit, and Tacoma’s Eastside.


Parkland is centrally located. Whether you’re headed north to Tacoma and Seattle or south to JBLM and Olympia, it’s a very convenient place to live. The presence of Pacific Lutheran University adds the vibrancy of students. The sporting events, music, and lecturers that the university attracts to the community add so much. Take a walk and enjoy the beautiful campus of Pacific Lutheran University. Wander down Garfield Street and check out the local shops. The best Italian food in Pierce County is located in Parkland on Garfield Street at Marzano’s Italian Restaurant. The pasta boscaiola will change your life.

Parkland is located immediately to the east of JBLM. Parkland is about 3-10 minutes to McChord’s Main Gate and 17-26 minutes to East Gate. 

To learn more about life in Parkland, visit the Parkland Neighborhood Page.


Spanaway can feel like it’s out in the country, but it’s really just a half an hour from Downtown Tacoma. The main highway through the area is Pacific Avenue, which is lined with a variety of services and locally-owned businesses. Move to Tacoma creator Marguerite Martin grew up in Spanaway and bought her first house in Spanaway. She shares what people love about living in Spanaway here:


Spanaway is home to the Bresemann Forest. There you can discover a canopy of towering firs surrounded by a lush under story, and a rushing creek with a channel built just for returning salmon. The peace and quiet is a welcome contrast to the urban world just beyond the gate. The trailhead is located adjacent to the Sprinker Recreation Center where you can ice skate, play tennis, basketball, or soccer, as well as shred the skate park.

Located right to the east of JBLM, Spanaway is a popular area for people who are in the military to live in. Spanaway is only about 11-20 minutes to East Gate. 

Click here to learn more about life in Spanaway.


A housing development in Frederickson Washington photographed from above on a cloudy day. Frederickson is a neighborhood near JBLM and Tacoma, Washington.

While Frederickson is getting more coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores all the time, one of the big advantages of living in Frederickson is how central it is to other East Pierce County Neighborhoods like South Hill, Graham, Spanaway, and Parkland, plus JBLM. With it’s convenient central location you have easy access to all that those neighborhoods have to offer as well.

Frederickson is an area that’s basically in between Puyallup and Spanaway. It’s known having opportunities to buy new construction and also for having properties with a bit more land. It’s about 15-25 minutes to drive from Frederickson to JBLM’s East Gate. 

Click here to learn more about Frederickson in the neighborhood guide.

Downtown Puyallup

Puyallup’s thriving historic downtown neighborhood offers a small-town vibe. DT Puyallup is filled with one-of-a-kind businesses that have been owned and operated by the same families for generations. Downtown is down the hill from the newer South Hill neighborhood of Puyallup. It’s a bustling expanse of suburban housing, restaurants, businesses, shopping and schools.

Puyallup is one of the furthest neighborhoods from JBLM that we’re including on this list. It’s anywhere from 23-40 minutes to get from Puyallup to Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s East Gate, but still, Puyallup is another very popular city for people with a commute to JBLM. 

Want to know more about life in Downtown Puyallup? Check out the Downtown Puyallup Neighborhood Guide.

South Hill 

South Hill is a neighborhood in Puyallup. Located between Downtown Puyallup and Graham,  South Hill is full of planned communities from various building eras as well as new construction homes.

Homes in south hills sunrise neighborhood photographed from the air with mt rainier in the background on a sunny day

You can find great shopping at the South Hill Mall, as well as one of the area’s best movie theaters. If you need to get some fresh air, South Hill Community Park has a great walking path and playground for the kids. In one direction, you are short drive away from the glories of the Cascade Mountains, and in the other, you can find the dining and entertainment options of downtown Puyallup.

South Hill is part of Puyallup, and people refer to the same area as either/or. (Yes it’s kind of confusing at first). You can expect to drive 26-35 minutes from South Hill to the East Gate at JBLM.

Click to earn more about life on South Hill.


A photo of a rural neighborhood in Graham washington with mt rainier peaking out over the trees. Graham is a rural neighborhood near Tacoma Washington and JBLM.

If you love living in the country you will love Graham. Homes out here generally have more land than many other communities in Pierce County. Going out to eat at Amici’s Italian restaurant and Mekong Thai are popular choices with locals. Going for drives, riding your horses, or going for a scenic drive.

Many Graham residents live here because they enjoy having more space, quick access to the outdoors, and easy access to the huge variety of convenience that awaits in next door Puyallup/South Hill. You can expect to spend 20-30 minutes driving from Graham to JBLM. 

Click here to learn more about living in Graham, WA.

Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor is about as far out as you can go when commuting to JBLM. It’s one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Pierce County and depending on where you are in the harbor it can take 30-45 minutes to commute to JBLM from Gig Harbor. So why do some people choose Gig Harbor when the PCS to JBLM?


You can find it all in Lakewood. As it’s name suggests, there are plenty of lakes and woods, but you can also find one of the region’s best shopping centers, with one of the last remaining large chain book stores. There is easy access to I-5 and Lakewood sits in close proximity to JBLM.

Lakewood has several lovely parks, including American Lake and Ft. Steilacoom Park, with miles of trails, off-leash areas for dogs, and historic landmarks to explore. The Lakewood Towne Center has plenty of dining and shopping options, as well as a movie theater with stadium seating. Don’t miss the Original House of Donuts for friendly service and a scrumptious sugar high!

Lakewood offers the potential for an incredible quick commute to JBLM. You can expect to drive 5-24 minutes from Lakewood to the Main Gate. 

Click here to learn more about the City of Lakewood.


Steilacoom is a small town with beautiful views. Everything is quite close together in town, and getting to nearby Tacoma and Lakewood for larger town amenities is pretty convenient. Whether commuting south to JBLM or north to Tacoma, Steilacoom is right in the middle! In this video Author Peggy Cleveland talks about PCSing to JBLM for her husband’s final duty station. They chose to stay and retire in Steilacoom after he finished his service.


There are 12 public parks to enjoy in Steilacoom, as well as 2 museums. You can also hop on the ferry to Anderson Island and truly have a Pacific Northwest outing! Steilacoom feels like it’s far from the bustle of urban life, but it’s really only a few minutes away from the shopping, dining, and entertainment options of Lakewood and Tacoma.

Nestled on the shores of the Puget Sound, Steilacoom is a small city that offers a 14-20 minute commute to JBLM’s Main Gate.

Learn more about Steilacoom here.


DuPont is one of the South Sound’s best kept secrets. It’s proximity to Joint Base Lewis-McChord and its easy access to incredible natural beauty make it popular with military folks. Want to go deeper? Check out this interview with Melanie and Ryan, they talk about why they love living in Dupont:

DuPont is a very popular choice for those in the military, and it’s right along Interstate-5 which makes it easy to get around the rest of the region as well. You can expect to drive 7-14 minutes to JBLM’s Main Gate.  

Click here to learn about Dupot, WA.

Thurston County Cities to Live in That Are Great for Commuting to JBLM

When you’re PCSing to JBLM, the neighborhoods close by are in two different counties. Pierce County is to the north and contains cities like Tacoma, Lakewood, Puyallup, Spanaway, and Gig Harbor. Thurston County is to the south and contains cities like Olympia, Yelm, Tumwater, and Lacey. In this video I interview Jana who talks about the cities located closest to JBLM. In the video below Jana and I talk about the differences between living in. Thurston County. vs Pierce County:

While our focus on MovetoTacoma.com is obviously on cities and neighborhoods in Pierce County, we have colleagues and partners in Thurston County (like Jana!) who we can connect you with if you’re looking to live further south. It’s pretty common for folks to start looking in both before they decide, so feel free to contact us if you’d like help narrowing it down. Here are a couple of the most popular cities near JBLM in Thurston County:


An aerial photo of Lacey Washington with neighborhoods and trees in the foreground and Mt Rainier in the background. Lacey is a city near JBLM

Located in Thurston County, Lacey provides lots of commuting potential due to the fact that Interstate-5 runs right through it. People love all of the new construction, the great community, and all of the suburban amenities. You can expect to spend 13-22 minutes commuting from Lacey to JBLM’s Main Gate. 


A photo of Olympia, Washington at sunset with Mt Rainier in the background. Olympia is a city near JBLM.

Olympia, WA is 21-41 minutes to JBLM’s Main Gate, but as you can see it is pretty big and the commute can vary wildly based on where you live. The city of Olympia is Washington States capitol, and is also right on I-5 for easy access. 

To learn more about the Thurston and Pierce check out our article, “The Differences Between Thurston County and Pierce County.”

What is the commute like from Tacoma to Seattle (and elsewhere?)

Here are the most common commute times from Downtown Tacoma by car:

  • Downtown Seattle – 1 to 1.5 hours in rush hour
  • Olympia – 30 to 45 minutes in rush hour
  • Bellevue – 50 minutes to 1.5 hours in rush hour
  • JBLM – 15 to 30 minutes in rush hour

In addition to cars, buses and trains connect Tacoma with Seattle. Bus service in Pierce County is served by Pierce Transit- continuing to the suburbs like Puyallup, South Hill, Gig Harbor, Milton, Edgewood, and Northeast Tacoma. Areas like Graham, Kapowsin, Bonney Lake, and Key Peninsula are more rural and less accessible by public transportation.


Pierce Transit runs all of the buses in most of Pierce County. To see a system map click here. There are ST Express buses that take people from Tacoma to Seattle, Bellevue, and Everett operated by Sound Transit.

Light Rail:

Sound Transit operates the Link Light rail that connects Downtown Tacoma to the Tacoma Dome Station. You can see a service map and schedule on the Sound Transit website here.


Sounder Trains run from Lakewood to Everett stopping in South Tacoma, Tacoma Dome, Puyallup, Sumner, Auburn, Kent, Tukwila, Seattle, Edmonds, Mukilteo, and finally Everett.

Amtrak Cascades Trains take passengers from Tacoma Dome Station all the way to Vancouver Canada (to the north) and through Portland Oregon and on to California (to the South).

Info on how to buy a house near JBLM:

Additional resources for checking out how to move to cities near JBLM:

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