A photo of a yellow house in the North Slope Historic District with a dog walking down the sidewalk.

North Slope

Historic Homes, Pretty Streets, Close to Everything

MEDIAN: $691,000
Rust Mansion on North I Street in 2015 in the North Slope Historic District

Get to Know North Slope

North Slope Historic District is home to some of Tacoma’s most beautiful and historic homes. Almost 80% of the homes were built before 1930. When the city made zoning changes in the 1950s that allowed for some of the older homes to be torn down and replaced with apartment complex, the residents worked together to create one of the largest historic districts in the country.

Why North Slope is so Great

North Slope is a beautiful place to live. The homes are historic and the streets are lined with mature deciduous trees. It’s easy to walk down the hill to Ruston Way or down the block to catch the Link Light Rail into downtown Tacoma. Located between Old Town, Stadium, and 6th Ave North Slope is convenient. The North Slope Historic District is well connected with sidewalks and close to neighborhoods like Stadium, Old Town, and 6th Ave.

Red House on North I Street in the North Slope HIstoric District

What to do in North Slope

In the North Slope you’ll find people working together. Neighbors arrange everything from garage sales, finding lost pets, and just generally looking out for each other. Every year, neighbors in the North Slope host a fun 4th of July Parade for kids. It has a nice “small town” atmosphere to it. This kind of community spirit is common in the North Slope and events tend to be the locally originated variety.


There have been several periods with large amounts of building in the North Slope Historic District. Building periods mainly happened from 1888 to 1893, 1902 to 1915, and 1919 to 1929.

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A photo of a yellow house in the North Slope Historic District with a dog walking down the sidewalk.

What the Neighbors are Saying

We surveyed North Slope neighbors, and here's what they shared about their historic neighborhood:

A photo of a yellow house in the North Slope Historic District with a dog walking down the sidewalk.

Recent Posts on North Slope

Below you will find recent posts about the North Sloped. From events and restaurants to check out, to city-wide posts that affect this neighborhood, you'll find more neighborhood content right here.

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