Rental Guide

The Truth About Renting in Tacoma

Renting a house or an apartment in Tacoma can be a bit of a pain. We’re not going to sugarcoat this for you. At this time, there is no system for you to just call up an agent and work with a person that has access to all of the rentals on the market. The Tacoma area rental market is still a DIY affair. Most people still find rentals here in 3 ways. Here they are, along with a 4th we recommend:

Driving Around, Looking for Signs

I know, this is rather old fashioned. That said, if there’s a particular neighborhood you want to be in and a particular style of house you want, this might be the fastest way. Especially in some of the neighborhoods with older single-family homes for rent—landlords are still doing the whole “stick a sign in the window and wait for someone to call” thing. Sometimes this is the easiest way.

Big Corporate Websites

Websites like or Zillow and the like work for some people, but the information is often a bit outdated. That said, when you’re really looking for a place (especially in a particular neighborhood) and you want to turn over every stone, don’t leave these out.


Oh man, this way is SUCH a pain. Even if you use a tool like Padmapper or Craiglist’s maps tool, there are scams on Craigslist and eager landlords listing the same apartment 20 times with different descriptions. It’s a slog. That said, there are still good places to rent in Tacoma to be found on Craiglist, so it’s worth the slog. Just be smart and don’t fall for any scams.

Recommended: Individual Property Management Companies

In our opinion, the best way to find a good rental in Tacoma is go to the individual property management companies or building sites and see what they have on the market. We are working hard to make this page a great resource for you to find property management sites to search for rentals, and we will keep adding to it as we find great new resources for you.

Property Management Companies' Rental Listings

Spinnaker Property Management

Homes and apartments for rent all over Pierce County.

Allen Realtors

Based in Lakewood, with rentals all over Pierce County.

Williams Properties

Based in Tacoma’s Stadium District, they rent out some really beautiful historic apartments.

Kalles Property Management

Homes, apartments, and condos for rent all over Pierce County.

Red Roof Rentals

Mostly homes for rent, some apartments. All over Pierce County.

Spartan Agency

Based in Sumner, lots of homes and apartments in the Sumner/ Puyallup area.

Downtown Tacoma Rental Buildings


Harmon Lofts

Awesome building, one of the first loft buildings built out in Downtown Tacoma in the 90s by Fred Roberson. Built next to UWT right in front of the light rail stop.

MidTown Lofts

Downtown, awesome views of the city and mountain.

Albers Mill Lofts

Funky place right on the Thea Foss Waterway.

MidTown Lofts

Right downtown, modern style, some awesome views.

Hunt Mottet Lofts

Whatever you do, don’t pronounce the third “T” in Mottet. It’s silent, people. Beautiful lofts with a weird name right near UWT downtown. Also, their website has been taken down for reasons unknown. You can find them at 2112 Pacific Avenue or (last we heard) you can call them at (253) 272-4878.

Modern Apartments

The Metropolitan

Probably the most full service rental building in Downtown Tacoma. They have tons of amenities and do absolutely everything here.

Court 17

Located very close to University of Washington Tacoma.

Bella on Broadway

Located in the St. Helens District of Tacoma.

Thea's Landing

Great apartment building with concierge right on the Thea Foss waterway.

Vue 25 Apartments

Located in Downtown Tacoma this place offers shopping, dining, and recreation just steps from your door.

MidTown Lofts

Right downtown, modern style, some awesome views.

Copperline Apartments

Located on the Tacoma waterfront this building offers different floor plans and great views.

Century Apartments

The newest addition to the apartment homes at Point Ruston are located next to the Copperline Building.

Proctor Station Apartments

Located in the the proctor District this place includes fine restaurants and great grocers, modern shops and a great neighborhood.

Old Fashioned Apartments

The Webster

Located in the heart of the St. Helens District. Recently renovated.

The Miller

Located in the Stadium District across from The Hub.

Lewis & Clark

Beautiful old building in Tacoma’s Stadium District.

Short Term Rentals in Tacoma

This category is one that we are asked about a lot. We're doing research to find more resources for you, but just know there is not a TON of short term rental inventory in Tacoma.


People renting out their own spaces.


Vacation Rental by Owner.

Harbor Home Rentals

Local Gig Harbor based company that rents out homes for short periods.