What do people like about living in Gig Harbor? Move to Tacoma creator Marguerite Martin has lived all over Pierce County, but Gig Harbor was one place she HADN’T lived. For this reason, we packed up a film crew and went and interviewed neighbors and business owners across Gig Harbors neighborhoods to find out what THEY love about Gig Harbor. Here are their stories:

Bill: What I like about living in Gig Harbor

Neighborhood: Gig Harbor

We interviewed Bill on his birthday as he prepared to commute to work in Central Tacoma by bike from his home in Gig Harbor. He grew up in Yelm (which is south in Thurston County). His commute to work involves starting off at Cutter’s Point coffee and biking on trails instead of the freeway. Commuting on the Cushman Trail and the Scott Pierson trail gives him a sense of freedom and connection with other bikers and pedestrians.

He speaks honestly about his experiences and encounters with people experiencing homelessness that he sees in his daily life commuting back and forth. He talks about how loves his longtime neighbors, but also the new neighbors that have moved to Gig Harbor more recently. Bill shares about how his wife and community around him provides him with inspiration and courage to live his life fully.

Dona and Joe: What we like about living in Gig Harbor North

Neighborhood: Gig Harbor North

Dona and Joe have lived all over the country, most recently in Michigan before settling in Gig Harbor North.  Dona became the President of the Pierce County United Way, while Joe pursued his career as a writer, including a science fiction satire he recently released.  They share a love for Gig Harbor, especially the sense of community. Since moving to Gig Harbor North they’ve plugged into the neighborhood and become more involved in social activities. and their involvement in social activities.  Joe has connected with people in the community through walking his dog, Henry. Both Dona and Joe are happy living in Gig Harbor and look forward to connecting to more people.

Linda and Doug: Living in Gig Harbor for Decades

Neighborhood: Gig Harbor

Linda and Doug have been in Gig Harbor for decades. They moved to Gig Harbor when it was a small town with one traffic light. When they arrived with their young family they didn’t know anyone, but over the decades their community of friends has grown. They’ve opened their home to friends and neighbors over the years, and even invited several friends to live with them in difficult times.

Every morning Linda meets her friends Penny and Jeannie daily at Cutters Point for coffee and a walk where they catch up, provide support to each other, talk about life, and walk the Cushman Trail. They’ve been friends for 30 years and walking together everyday for decades. For Linda and Doug communication is at the heart of their success in marriage, family life, and community. “If most of us or all of us that we come in contact with were to communicate, and listen, and share then life would be a whole lot simpler,” says Doug.

Take a tour of Gig Harbor (and a Gig Harbor Gondola ride!)

Tacoma real estate agent Marguerite goes on a tour with her friend Anne, owner of Windermere Abode in Tacoma. They check out a bunch of local Gig Harbor spots and have real talk about what life in Gig Harbor is like. The drive from Tacoma to Gig Harbor over the Narrows Bridge. They go to Uptown for coffee, art decor, and more. They grab a bite at the Gig Harbor General Store.  After popping into the Gig Harbor YMCA for a training session with Ross Gilbert, the best Scottish personal trainer in Gig Harbor they take a romantical ride on the Gig Harbor Gondola. There’s so many things that they didn’t get to in Gig Harbor, but this is a great start for exploring the neighborhood businesses!

Should I move to Gig Harbor or Tacoma?

A question we get asked a lot here at MovetoTacoma.com is where people should move, Gig Harbor or Tacoma. While we can’t answer that for YOU we did create this video where Marguerite interviews Gig Harbor resident Erin and they compare the two cities.

How much does it cost to buy a house in the Gig Harbor Area vs in Tacoma?

While the most expensive neighborhoods in Pierce County are in Tacoma and Gig Harbor, by and large Gig Harbor is much more expensive than Tacoma. The median home price in Pierce County is currently $575,000, but most Gig Harbor neighborhoods have a median home price well over $700,000. For a list of Gig Harbor neighborhoods and their home prices check out, “List of Gig Harbor Neighborhoods.” In contrast the most affordable neighborhoods in Tacoma have median home prices closer to $450,000.

What is the difference in commute like between Gig Harbor and Tacoma going north?

Whether in Gig Harbor or Tacoma, commuting by car to Seattle or Bellevue can be a pain during rush hour. Check out driving alternatives like the ST Express Buses and Sounder Commuter Train. To learn more about commuting from Tacoma to Seattle check out the article Commuting from Tacoma to Seattle. Here are the most common commute times from Downtown Tacoma by car:

Downtown Seattle – 1 to 1.5 hours in rush hour

Olympia – 30 to 45 minutes in rush hour

Bellevue – 50 minutes to 1.5 hours in rush hour

JBLM – 15 to 30 minutes in rush hour

Gig Harbor is a little further out, so basically you just tack 20-30 minutes onto the Tacoma commute to Seattle or Bellevue depending on where you live. But Gig Harbor does have another option, which is taking the Southworth Ferry. It’s a passenger only ferry. The Southworth Ferry is north of Gig Harbor and takes you to Fauntleroy in West Seattle in about 30 minutes.

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