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Neighborhood Guide

Looking for a complete guide to Tacoma neighborhoods? This Tacoma neighborhood guide is designed to help you research everything you’ll need to make your choice. From restaurants and lifestyle to architecture and schools, we’ve got the information you need to find YOUR Tacoma neighborhood.

In addition to our own expertise, we polled Tacomans who live in these neighborhoods so we could get their real opinions about what each of the neighborhoods are really like. The result is what we hope is the most useful, authentic, and fun guide to Tacoma neighborhoods you will find!

North Tacoma

North Tacoma is the area that encompasses some of Tacoma's oldest neighborhoods. Neighborhoods like Old Town, Ruston, Stadium District, North Slope Historic District, Proctor District, and University of Puget Sound Neighborhood are all part of the Tacoma's North End.

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Point Ruston

MEDIAN: $981,342

Views, Restaurants, Waterfront

UPS Neighborhood

MEDIAN: $680,000

University of Puget Sound Neighborhood

Three Bridges

MEDIAN: $788,000

Charming, Central, Historic

Browns Point / Northeast Tacoma

MEDIAN: $649,500

Views, Community, Water

North Tacoma

MEDIAN: $625,000

Parks, Historic Homes, Close to Everything

North Slope

MEDIAN: $691,000

Historic Homes, Pretty Streets, Close to Everything


MEDIAN: $707,000

Close to Everything, Farmers Market, Historic Homes

Old Town

MEDIAN: $1,090,000

Peaceful, Water Views, Historic Homes

Stadium District

MEDIAN: $1,095,000

Historic Homes, Pretty Streets, Close to Everything

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Central Tacoma

People living in Downtown Tacoma and its surrounding neighborhoods tend to feel a strong sense of ownership which has lead to an almost village like vibe amongst the people who live here. Central Tacoma's neighborhoods are connected and bustling, with the new light rail extension, an increasing number of bike lanes, and long overdue road improvements.

6th Ave

MEDIAN: $549,875

Restaurant Scene, Close to Everything, Bar Scene

Hillside / UWT

MEDIAN: $380,975

Mountain Views, City Views, Close to Everything


MEDIAN: $440,000

Community, Close to Everything, Historic Homes

Central Tacoma

MEDIAN: $475,000

Close to Everything, Easy Commute, Peaceful

St Helens

MEDIAN: $470,000

Urban Living, Close to Everything, Nightlife

Downtown Tacoma

MEDIAN: $319,995

Urban Living, Location, Historic

South End / South Tacoma

South Tacoma, Tacoma's South End, and The Eastside are three different neighborhoods with distinct identities. And within those neighborhoods are even more distinct neighborhoods and communities. Some of Tacoma's coolest bars, most historic homes, and most beautiful streets are located here.

Vien Dong Tacoma WA


MEDIAN: $425,000

Parks, Lake, Convenient


MEDIAN: $424,250

Old meets New

McKinley Hill

MEDIAN: $412,000

Historic, Charming, Connected

South Tacoma

MEDIAN: $404,000

Historic, Shopping, Parks

South End

MEDIAN: $417,000

Community, Historic, Convenient

Fern Hill

MEDIAN: $425,000

Central, Community, Old Homes


MEDIAN: $550,000

Peaceful, Greenspace, Central

Parkland Area

MEDIAN: $429,000

Convenient Commute, Affordable, Pacific Lutheran University


MEDIAN: $468,750

Horses, Convenient, Land

Lincoln District

MEDIAN: $415,000

Community, Close to Everything, Historic Homes

Gig Harbor / Key Peninsula

Laid-back and teeming with natural beauty, Gig Harbor and the Key Peninsula are just over the bridge from Tacoma. Whi A beautiful place to call home or even just visit for a quick weekend getaway. Residents and out-of-towners love taking advantage of the beautiful maritime setting, whether it’s enjoying a walk along the waterfront or heading out for a boating adventure.


MEDIAN: $760,000

Neighbors, Community, Peaceful

Key Peninsula

MEDIAN: $440,000

Rural, Water Views, Nature

Kopachuck Ridge/ Horsehead Bay Area

MEDIAN: $1,220,000

Luxury Homes, Waterfront, Views


MEDIAN: $906,933

Parks, Water, Rural

Gig Harbor North

MEDIAN: $852,000

Convenient, Community, New Homes

Fox Island

MEDIAN: $1,007,500

Island Life, Peaceful, Views

Gig Harbor

MEDIAN: $970,000

Community, Peaceful, Water Views

East Pierce County

Many folks who work in Tacoma but prefer a more suburban or rural setting for their home life choose neighborhoods like Puyallup, South Hill, Spanaway, Graham, Frederickson, and Parkland. Trivia: MTT creator Marguerite grew up in Spanaway and Puyallup!

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Waller Road Area

MEDIAN: $645,000

Wide open spaces

Sumner WA

MEDIAN: $550,000

Historic, Charming, Commuter friendly


MEDIAN: $686,500

Natural Beauty, Small Town, Easy Commute


MEDIAN: $550,000

Rural, Mt Rainier, Land


MEDIAN: $549,950

Mt Rainier, Small town, Historic

Bonney Lake

MEDIAN: $632,950

Suburban, Views, New Construction


MEDIAN: $390,000

Mountains, Rivers, Lakes


MEDIAN: $569,950

Community, Neighborhoods, Convenience


MEDIAN: $492,500

New Homes, Acreage, Convenience


MEDIAN: $505,000

Green Spaces, Convenient, New Construction

homes on a tree lined street in dupont wa

Cities to the Southwest

Just outside of Tacoma are several cities all with their own unique vibe. University Place, Lakewood, Steilacoom, and Dupont. Many folks live in these smaller cities and commute to jobs in Tacoma, Olympia, and even Seattle.


MEDIAN: $560,000

Natural Beauty, Convenient, Community


MEDIAN: $775,000

quaint, historic, gorgeous views

Parkland Area

MEDIAN: $429,000

Convenient Commute, Affordable, Pacific Lutheran University


MEDIAN: $515,000

easy access, natural beauty, growing community


MEDIAN: $647,000

Parks, Community, Mid-Century Homes

University Place

MEDIAN: $685,000

Peaceful, Parks, Community

West Side

Sunsets, sunsets, sunsets. While not everyone that lives on the west side of Tacoma have those sunset views of the Olympics, Narrows Bridge, and the Puget Sound- that is one if the big draws for this community!


MEDIAN: $685,000

Water Views, Historic Homes, Parks

West End

MEDIAN: $560,000

Connected, Central, Parks

West Slope

MEDIAN: $747,500

Water Views, Peaceful, Midcentury Homes