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Frederickson is a neighborhood that is growing fast. Located southeast Pierce County between Graham, Spanaway, and 5-12- Frederickson has new neighborhoods, restaurants, and grocery stores filling in what were once wide open spaces. Pierce County is growing, and Frederickson is poised to absorb a lot of that growth.

Why this Neighborhood is so Great

Frederickson has a lot of newer homes and newer businesses. Most of the homes are located just 10-15 minutes from 5-12 making it more convenient for commuters.

What to do in this Neighborhood

While Frederickson is getting more coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores all the time- one of the big advantages of living in Frederickson is how central it is to other East Pierce County Neighborhoods like South Hill, Graham, Spanaway, and Parkland. With it's convenient central location you have easy access to all that those neighborhoods have to offer as well.


Frederickson used to be the country, with homes on large lots. Over the past few decades as Pierce County has grown there are more and more new construction communities going in over what was once woods or farmland.

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