Meet Your Guide

Marguerite is a local blogger and Tacoma real estate agent who has been selling houses in Tacoma since 2005. Nowadays she exclusively represents buyers in Downtown Tacoma and the immediate surrounding neighborhoods. Looking for a real estate agent? Marguerite is a matchmaker. Contact her for an introduction to the best real estate agents in Tacoma and beyond. A long time Tacoma real estate agent and blogger, Marguerite is one of Tacoma’s biggest fans.

Marguerite has a a rare depth of enthusiasm and knowledge about Tacoma, which makes her insight as an agent invaluable. In fact, she introduced me to a great Tacoma agent who helped me with the challenge of selling my house from across the country. Her expertise extends beyond the borders of Pierce County, as I discovered in a pinch: I wanted to buy a home in Los Angeles, but with the dizzying array of options, and the challenging market, I didn't know where to turn. Of course, I should have started by asking Marguerite, because she quickly got me in touch with an agent I could trust. Both in Tacoma and Los Angeles, the agents she recommended exhibited the same warmth, acumen, and confident professionalism I admire in Marguerite.

Dan Rahe

We honestly cannot recommend Marguerite highly enough if you are planning to buy a home in Tacoma. From the moment we contacted Marguerite to the day we walked through the front door of our awesome new house, there was never a moment where we didn't feel like she was by our side.

James Miller

Marguerite is THE Queen of Tacoma. Spend an afternoon driving around the area with her, and you will FEEL her love for her town...and she knows everything and everyone in it!

Stacie Staub

I reached out to Marguerite basically saying "not ready to buy but looking for information". I expected her to either delete my email or laugh and laugh and tell me to check back in when I was serious. Much to my surprise and delight she wrote back saying she would love to chat and fill me in on Tacoma!

Chelsea Laine

I would never have been able to purchase a home with out Marguerites help. from start to finish she made sure I was informed and that I was taken care of. She made sure I was not just buying something, but that I bought the right thing.


It took us TWO YEARS to find our house, and that wasn't even the hardest part of the buying process. I am so relieved to have had Marguerite on our side though it all and I can't imagine how she could have been more helpful, professional, and pleasant to work with.

Angela Carlin

Marguerite has made our first time home buying experience fun and as low stress as it can get! She's super knowledgable about the Tacoma area and guided us (never pushed us) in the right direction - from our budget or the kind of home the VA would be willing to finance to neighborhoods and what questions to ask the inspector.

Erin M

Coming from Seattle to a new city to purchase our first home proved to be WAY easier than we anticipated, and we owe all that ease to Marguerite. She is not only knowledgeable of the city, she is a huge fan. And her enthusiasm is contagious. We found our house the first day of looking, and yes--we still love it 7 months later. We would recommend her to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Look no further. Marguerite is the best Realtor you'll find for properties in Tacoma. She can listen to what you're looking for, and suggest the right neighborhoods to suit your needs. We used her for our second home purchase in Tacoma's Stadium District and found her to be so much more knowledgeable, flexible and AVAILABLE than our previous agent.

Jenny Jacobs

About Your Guide

A lifelong resident of Pierce County, Marguerite moved to Downtown Tacoma in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. Marguerite has lived in Downtown Tacoma’s St. Helens Neighborhood (her personal favorite), Hilltop, Downtown Puyallup, and Stadium District. Her insatiable appetite for affordable eats and great happy hours provides the inspiration for the Move to Tacoma blog’s happy hour and restaurant profiles. Don't miss the podcast with interviews with Tacomans of all walks of life- tune in to meet the people making things happen in The City of Destiny.

Since Marguerite has been an agent in the Pierce County real estate market for over 15 years. In that time she’s had the opportunity to meet some of the greatest real estate agents in the area. With dozens of different cities and neighborhoods Tacoma and Pierce County have a wide variety of homes and communities to live in. If you’d like Marguerite to introduce you to an awesome real estate agent to help you buy or sell a house in the Tacoma and across Pierce County she’s happy to help!