What are the most expensive neighborhoods in Pierce County in 2023?

Looking for a list of the most expensive neighborhoods in Pierce County, Washington? This is the place. This year the most expensive neighborhoods in Pierce County are Kopachuck Ridge/Horsehead Bay, Stadium District, Old Town, Fox Island, Wollochet Bay and Point Ruston. Some of the neighborhoods will look familiar to you if you have already read our post, “The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Tacoma.”

How expensive is an expensive house in Pierce County?

The median home price in Pierce County, Washington for 2022 overall was $530,000. Going into 2023 we are in a price dip (the result of interest rates doubling in 2022) so in January 2023 so far the median sales price for a residential home in Pierce County is $492,000. So it’s a good shorthand to just say the median price for the area is about $500,000. Homes in the most expensive neighborhoods in Pierce County are double that. By contrast, the median sales price for homes in King County in January of 2023 was $800,000. So even the most expensive neighborhoods in Pierce County appear affordable to folks up north.

Let’s dig in to the most expensive neighborhoods and their median prices.

Kopachuck Ridge/Horsehead Bay

horsehead bay views

Area: Gig Harbor

Median Price: $1,220,000

Days on Market: 19 days

What makes the Kopachuck Ridge/Horsehead Bay area the most expensive in the county? The water. Whether it’s low bank or high bank waterfront, bulkheaded waterfront, or your own pier or boat launch. If you’re looking for a home that provides incredible saltwater access and views homes on Horsehead Bay are a great option. Also, many of the homes have views of the Olympic Mountains and Mount Rainier. The vibe here is all about fishing, sailing, taking in sunsets, and living a slower pace of life.

To learn more check out the Neighborhood Guide to Kopachuck Ridge/Horsehead Bay.

Stadium District

historic mansion in tacoma's stadium district on a sunny day

Area: North Tacoma

Median Price: $1,095,000

Days on Market: 30 days

Located just up the hill from Downtown Tacoma and perched over Commencement Bay, Tacoma’s Stadium District is in the middle of it all. Even just running errands is a lovely experience in Stadium. Stadium District residents pride themselves on their gardens and yards. Charming storefronts welcome customers in the business district. Some Stadium District homes offer spectacular views of Puget Sound, Browns Point, Vashon Island, and Commencement Bay.

To learn more about Stadium check out the Neighborhood Guide to Tacoma’s Stadium District.

Old Town

Area: North Tacoma

Median Price: $1,090,000

Days on Market: 26 days

Old Town was the original Tacoma. Founded by Job Carr in 1865, Old Town’s historic streets and beautiful views of Commencement Bay, Browns Point, and Vashon Island are what make it one of Tacoma’s special neighborhoods. Old Town residents enjoy the local neighborhood restaurants and easy access to Ruston Way’s incredible waterfront. The tree-lined, picturesque streets and beautiful views make Old Town a destination for Tacomans who enjoy living in a connected neighborhood- just ignore the steep hills! Old Town is home to several local restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses. Old Town is very close to Ruston Way, Tacoma’s waterfront park. Great for walking, running, biking, roller skating, scootering, or driving.

To learn more about Old Town check out our Neighborhood Guide to Tacoma’s Old Town.

Fox Island

Area: Gig Harbor Area

Median Price: $1,007,500

Days on Market:  20 days

Fox Island is quintessential northwest living. Many homes on the outer edges of the island have incredible views of Mt Rainier or the Olympics as well as the water, while homes on the inner part of the island have privacy, property, and a rural feeling. No matter where you live on the island, access to fishing, boating, or a walk on the water is available to everyone. Locals love fishing, kayaking, boating. Fox Island Yacht Club is located on the island. There’s a secret pub in the back of the local grocery store.

To learn more about life on Fox Island check out our Fox Island Neighborhood Guide.

Point Ruston

condos, apartments, a movie theater, and restaurants in the point ruston neighborhood of tacoma with commencement bay in the background

Area: North Tacoma

Median Price: $981,342

Days on Market: 124 days

One of the newest neighborhoods in the area, Point Ruston has promoted itself as a “waterfront resort-inspired village” with some of the best waterfront access of any neighborhood in Pierce County. The Point Ruston area has many little shops, lots of restaurants, coffee and ice cream shops, and a movie theater. Many apartments and condos in the Point Ruston Neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington have views of Commencement Bay, Mt Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, Dune Peninsula Park, Browns Point, and more. People who live in the neighborhood have access to Dune Peninsula Park, Point Defiance Park, and Ruston Way. It’s an easy distance to the ferry to Vashon Island.

To learn more about Point Ruston check out the Point Ruston Neighborhood Guide.

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