Wondering what it’s like living in Tacoma’s North Slope Historic District? We’ve interviewed the people who live there to find out what they like (and don’t like!) about living in the North Slope.

What’s it like living in the North Slope Historic District?

Denny has lived in the North Slope since he was 21 in the 1970’s. He has a small business in the neighborhood not far from his home. He talks about the history of the neighborhood and of the nearby Stadium District and how they came to form the North Slope’s Historic District.

“You drive up and down the streets of the North Slope and you see 100, 150 year old trees.” says Denny. “We have beautiful mansions, Victorians, Foursquare homes… a few great big homes and little cottage type places… there’s that mix and that personality in it.”

The North Slope Historic District started in the late 1970’s. The neighbors came together to fight crime, but then they kept working together to start preserving the historic character of the neighborhood. He shares in the video about understannding the way the neighborhood needs to evolve and change and grow. “Progress is going to come,” he says. “Hopefully you won’t lose your identity.”

What’s it like owning a home in the North Slope Historic District?

Owning a home in Tacoma’s North Slope comes with additional considerations for when you remodel or make changes to the exterior of your home. North Sloper Jenny gets real with MovetoTacoma.com creator Marguerite Martin about the realities of owning a historic Victorian home in the North Slope.

Jenny talks with Marguerite about the highs and lows of having the historic district board review your renovations, how view corridors work, and her favorite walk through the North End neighborhood down Ruston, throughProctor, and back to the North Slope Historic District.

Where is the North Slope of Tacoma?

A picture of the North Slope Historic District of Tacoma outlined on a Tacoma Neighborhood Map

The NSHD is located in North Tacoma, just north of 6th Avenue. The neighborhood is surrounded by the Stadium District, Old Town, 3 Bridges Neighborhood, and UPS Neighborhood.

How much does it cost to buy a house in the North Slope?

Homes in the North Slope are usually priced above the median home price of Tacoma in general. As of 2024 them median home price in the North Slope is right around $691,000. You. can search for homes for sale in The North Slope Historic District here.

How long does it take to commute to Downtown Seattle from the North Slope?

People get from the North Slope to Downtown Seattle in a few different ways. Obviously you can drive, which takes 45 minutes. During peak commute times the drive can take an hour or more.

If you’re looking to take public transportation you have multiple choices leaving from downtown Tacoma depending on your schedule. From the North Slope you can get to Downtown Tacoma Dome Station on foot in about 15 minutes, 5 minutes by bike,  and 15 minutes on the Tacoma Link Light Rail. Here are the methods to get to Seattle once you reach the station:


Pierce Transit runs all of the buses in most of Pierce County. To see a system map click here. There are ST Express buses that take people from Tacoma to Seattle, Bellevue, and Everett operated by Sound Transit.


Sounder Trains run from Lakewood to Everett stopping in South Tacoma, Tacoma Dome, Puyallup, Sumner, Auburn, Kent, Tukwila, Seattle, Edmonds, Mukilteo, and finally Everett.

Amtrak Cascades Trains take passengers from Tacoma Dome Station all the way to Vancouver Canada (to the north) and through Portland Oregon and on to California (to the South).

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