The most affordable neighborhoods in Pierce County (outside the City of Tacoma) in 2022 are Elbe/Ashford, Wilkeson, Longbranch, Anderson Island, Parkland, and Lakebay, South Prairie, and Carbonado. We run the numbers each year to update our Pierce County Neighborhood Guide.  While Pierce County is no longer as affordable as it used to be, there are still places where you can find a home under $400,000. If you’d like to know more, check out our blog post, “Tacoma isn’t affordable anymore. This is Why.  To learn more about finding an affordable place in Pierce County check out our post, “Creative ways to buy in Tacoma if you think you’re priced out.”

How much does it cost to buy a home in Pierce County?

The 2022 Pierce County Real Estate Market continues to be a seller’s market. Pierce County home prices rose 18% from 2021 to 2022. The median home price in Pierce County in January 2022 is $525,000. The housing market is most competitive for buyers searching for homes under $650,000. Due to a low inventory of homes for sale buyers agents from across Pierce County are reporting their clients are facing multiple offers. For more information on the real estate market in Tacoma in 2022 check out “Tacoma Real Estate Market 2022.

Where are the most affordable places to live in Pierce County?

The list below is of communities in Pierce County that are the most affordable. The Most affordable neighborhoods in Pierce County are all under $400,000. That said, the demand for homes in the highest in the under $500,000 price point. Buying a house in Tacoma and Pierce County is very competitive. There are often multiple offers, so make sure you’re working with a local specialist who knows the homes and markets well. For a list of the most affordable neighborhoods in Tacoma check out, “Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Tacoma 2022.”

Elbe / Ashford

The area around Alder Lake, Elbe, and Ashford is the most rural and remote part of Pierce County. Right now the median home price there is $385,000- up $65,000 from last year. Homes in the Elbe/Ashford area spend about 28 days on the market on average before selling.


A tiny historic town on the road to Mt. Rainier, Wilkeson is home to fewer than 5oo people. The median home price in 2022 is $375,000. Homes are on the market for an average of 13 days.


Longbranch is located on the Key Peninsula, along Filucy Bay between Pitt Passage and Balch Passage. The median home price is $385,000 with homes selling in 15 days.

Anderson Island

Accessible by ferry from Steilacoom, Anderson Island homes have a median price of $396,000. Homes are on the market for an average of 20 days. Anderson Island has a mix of vacation properties and year round residents.


parkland garfield street

While most of the affordable homes on this list are quite rural, Parkland is close in. Located just south of Highway 5-12. Parkland’s median home price is $399,444. Homes are on the market an average of 12 days.

What are the most affordable places to live in Tacoma?

The median home price in Tacoma in 2022 is about $460,000. The Most affordable neighborhoods in Tacoma are all under $400,000. That said, the demand for homes in the highest in the under $500,000 price point. The most affordable neighborhoods are Downtown Tacoma, Hillside/UWT, McKinley Hill, South Tacoma, St Helens, and the Eastside of Tacoma. For more detailed info check out our blog post, “The Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Tacoma.

How do I move to Pierce County?

Thinking of moving to Pierce County, Washington? Pierce County is an incredible place to live. From the waters of the Puget Sound to the peak of Mt. Rainier- Pierce County is a varied and beautiful place. Pierce County has a varied mix of communities. While folks can find urban living in Tacoma- Pierce County also small cities & towns, suburbs, and rural communities. Whether you’re looking for a salt water view with your own dock, a condo in the city, a new home in a gated community, or a horse property- you will find it all here in Pierce County. For details check out our blog post, “Moving to Pierce County? Here’s what you need to know.”

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