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Long marketed as the “Theater District” by developers and the city, it’s more recognized by locals as “St Helens” or even “the Triangle District” by some. Whatever you decide to call it, it’s the beating heart of Downtown. This community has turned out to be one of its most thriving and connected communities.

Why this Neighborhood is so Great

Located in the area of Downtown Tacoma that is south of Division, north of 9th Street, and south of Tacoma Ave just kind of has its own feel. There is a good mix of renters and owners, and a lot of new locally owned Tacoma businesses. It’s easy walking distance to the Stadium Thriftway for groceries, and located within 5 minutes of 2 different freeway on-ramps for commuters.

What to do in this Neighborhood

St Helens is where Tacoma’s LGBT community throws their annual “Out in the Park” parties and several different Pride Block Parties, so one night in July the streets shut down and things get very loud with live music, DJs, and performances of all kinds. The McMenamin's Elks Lodge is in the heart of this neighborhood, and features a hotel, venue, and several bars and restaurants. Don't miss it! The Grand Cinema is Tacoma's nonprofit arthouse theater and is a must visit for any Tacoman, but a special favorite of folks who live in St Helens.


St Helens is mostly condos, some new (such as The Roberson and 505 Broadway) and some historic (like The Vintage Y). There is one townhouse neighborhood in St Helens, called The Triangle Townhomes.

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