McKinley Hill

Historic, Charming, Convenient

MEDIAN: $395,582

Get to Know this Neighborhood

McKinley Hill is all about historic charm and ease of access. The neighborhood is one of the oldest in the city with plats dating to the 1850’s. The neighborhood really took off between 1903 and the 1930's after a streetcar line was added. McKinley Hill offers some of the best views of Downtown Tacoma and Commencement Bay with larger condominium & apartment buildings taking advantage of the views.

Why this Neighborhood is so Great

Mckinley Hill boasts several parks including McKinley Park (not to be confused with playfield), Roger’s Dog Park, Tom Schuster Memorial Park, Gault Playfield, and Milwaukee Gulch (not a park but probably the largest gulch in Tacoma and nature area).

What to do in this Neighborhood

he McKinley Hill Business District along McKinley Ave. offers a lively mix of bars and restaurants and is considered an up and coming area of Tacoma. Stanley & Seaforts, Top of Tacoma, Dusty’s Hideaway, and Fergies on the Ave are all located here.


In the residential areas of McKinley Hill you will find mostly craftsmen style homes. Ranging from smaller (500 square feet) to moderately sized (2,000 square feet). Strawberry Hill in the Northeast section gives way to the areas more stately homes that take advantage of the city & Sound views.

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What the Neighbors are Saying

We surveyed folks in the neighborhood to find out what they like about living in McKinley Hill.

Our neighborhood is like living with a lot of family members. When we ask for volunteers more than 100 show up. When there is a need, within an hour most times the problem is solved. We love art, festivals and food. Our first street fair in many years brought in over 20,000 people. We partnered with all the businesses and the church on McKinley Ave. We had a carnival that was free for all gave away 1500 backpacks, free haircuts, physicals and health checks to all.


I like the old homes and lower rents and proximity to transportation: bus, rail, freeway. But I don't like the crime and bad landlords. Perhaps if the County moves offices to the old PS Hospital, it will bring a revitalization to the area and more commerce and retail.


There's a very active neighborhood group. People are friendly. The new County Building was just given the 'go ahead' by the County Council. Huge new improvement to the neighborhood in a couple of years!


Homes are incredibly affordable, and the neighborhood is the most diverse in the city, and definitely has a family feel. I serve on the Eastside Community Council, and can attest to the passionate zeal Eastsiders have for their community. A summertime street fair on McKinley Ave brings the best of the community together. It doesn't hurt having the best bar in town on the east side either--Top of Tacoma.

Kelly McDonald

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