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Get to Know Hilltop

The Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma is located just above Downtown Tacoma. So between Downtown Tacoma and Hilltop is Hillside/McCarver, Hilltop has a great location for getting around the city and has easy freeway access, too. Hilltop has a vibe and rich history all on its own.

Why Hilltop is so Great

Teeming with historic homes, Hilltop is a great place to find a historic Tacoma home. Hilltop really has a vibe all on its own, following Downtown Tacoma and the 6th Ave Neighborhood for best nightlife in town.

Government leaders, neighborhood advocates, and business leaders are focused like a laser on the Hilltop. Because in recent years they’ve been pumping millions of redevelopment dollars into the area, it’s prompting concerns and community conversations around gentrification and displacement. And the expansion of Tacoma’s light rail is running right down Martin Luther King way from Stadium all the way through to St Joseph’s Hospital, so Hilltop is becoming much more connected to other parts of the city.

When we surveyed Tacomans for this website, Hilltop residents responded in force to describe their neighborhood as “authentic” “energetic” and “up and coming.” So check out what the neighbors are saying at the bottom of this page!

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What to do in Hilltop

Hilltop is a destination for everything from craft cocktails to vegan food. Tacoma’s first vegan restaurant Quickie Too is on Hilltop. People all over town head there to eat at places like Lele, Ezell’s Famous Chicken, Pho King, and 1111. Heading out for a cocktail? Don’t miss 1022 S J and Zodiac Supper Club.

In addition to eating and drinking, there are several awesome parks in Hilltop. It’s also the beginning of the Scott Pierson Trail. People walk and ride bikes on this scenic trail that goes all the way over the Narrows Bridge to Gig Harbor from Hilltop.

The newly completed Link light rail runs to Hilltop from the Tacoma Dome. Therefor it goes right past local employers Tacoma General (Multicare) and St. Joe’s Hospital (Fransiscan).


What kind of historic home do you love best? Because chances are, you can find it in Hilltop. Victorians, Craftsman, and Four Squares, with a smattering of new construction filling in on some blocks. The Hillside area of Hilltop has the highest concentration new town homes in the Downtown Tacoma area.

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What the Neighbors are Saying

We are surveying the neighbors for their real thoughts about Hilltop. And here's what locals are saying:

I love being in the middle of this city, steeped in history and a community passion that pushes for change. Feeling unsure about how much this neighborhood will soon change.


Hilltop is affordable and has character. I love all the cool old houses, McCarver Park and friendly neighbors. I love eating at 1022, Red Elm, Eleven-eleven, Le Donut, Manifesto coffee, Quickie Too Vegan cafe


I love to eat at 1022, 1111, and Pho King. Red Elm has great coffee and super friendly staff.


I've lived in Hilltop since 2005. Great neighborhoods with a sense of ownership. Close to everything, great food, drinks, parks. My commute is just one song on the radio to my job downtown.


To be honest I mainly moved here because it's close to my job. I like the diversity of the neighborhood. I also like the diversity in the style of the houses.


Great place to get your starter home!

hilltop neighborhood of tacoma

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