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Mountains, Rivers, Lakes

MEDIAN: $390,000

Get to Know Elbe

Elbe is a teeny tiny town located on the river on the road to Mt Rainier. For the purposes of this neighborhood we’re including the surrounding communities of Ashford, Echo Valley, and Alder Lake here. Someday we may break it out for you!

Why Elbe is so Great

Mountains, rivers, wilderness, and lakes. This is as beautiful and rugged as living gets in Pierce County. Nestled up against Mt Rainier National Park and far from the worries of town. Speaking of town, Tacoma is a little over an hour drive. So while there are people who commute from Elbe, Ashford, Alder Lake, et al – it is a bit of a drive!

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What to do in Elbe

Fishing in the river, boating on the lake, hiking in the woods- these are obvious activities in this rugged part of Pierce County. Grabbing a Scaleburger, taking a train up the mountain, and exploring the country store are other great options.


Like any city, Tacoma's architecture tells the story of the various generations that have called Tacoma home. This is as true for its neighborhoods, as it is for the city at large.

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What the Neighbors are Saying

It's one thing to form an opinion based on your first impressions of a neighborhood, but it's another to hear from the people who call it home.

I love the views and the access to water. We have a huge waterfall in Bonney Lake! Did you know that? Victor Falls. I enjoy being able to afford everything I want in a home. Bonney Lake is a place where you don't have to leave if you don't want to. Because we have all the stores you can need Costco, Target, Walmart, everything!

Church in elbe

Recent Posts on Elbe

Below you will find recent posts on this neighborhood. From events and restaurants to check out, to city-wide posts that affect this neighborhood, you'll find more neighborhood content right here.

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