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Tacoma truly is a city of neighborhoods. Whether they be residential or a fun walkable neighborhood formed around a historic business district, Tacoma's neighborhoods are as varied and unique as the city itself. This page is the best resource on the internet to explore this neighborhood. From parks, restaurants and even architecture, discover what makes this neighborhood unique.

Why this Neighborhood is so Great

Fife is located right in the middle of Puyallup and Tacoma and has super easy access to I-5. It is lush and green, and it's possible to to find homes with more property than in the surrounding areas. From most anywhere in Fife, the views of Mt. Rainier are spectacular.

What to do in this Neighborhood

There are a number of great restaurants in Fife, including the famous and historic Pick-Quick Drive-In, which opened in 1949, offering grilled burgers, fresh fries and creamy milkshakes to the Fife area. A recent reviewer noted, "When you get your food (be patient, its worth it!), you sit out back at picnic tables in a garden surrounded by beautiful flowers and huge trees." For a quality diner experience, visit The Poodle Dog, a Fife landmark since 1933. In addition to these historic sites, Fife has a wide variety of pho, BBQ, and pizza spots to tempt you.


You can find all types of housing options in Fife. There are beautiful, old farmhouses as well as plenty of new-build communities and apartment complexes.

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