condo buildings in the point ruston nieghborhood of tacoma overlooking commencement bay

Point Ruston

Views, Restaurants, Waterfront

MEDIAN: $967,966
condos, apartments, a movie theater, and restaurants in the point ruston neighborhood of tacoma with commencement bay in the background

Get to Know Point Ruston

The Point Ruston neighborhood is one of the newest neighborhoods in Tacoma, WA. Home to restaurants, businesses, a hotel, movie theater, apartments, and condos.

Why Point Ruston is so Great

Many apartments and condos in the Point Ruston Neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington have views of Commencement Bay, Mt Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, Dune Peninsula Park, Browns Point, and more. People who live in the neighborhood have access to Dune Peninsula Park, Point Defiance Park, and Ruston Way. It’s an easy distance to the ferry to Vashon Island.

a walking path with green grass in the point ruston neighborhood of tacoma washington
sandworm art at dune peninsula park in the point ruston neighborhood of tacoma washington

What to do in Point Ruston

Point Ruston has promoted itself as a “waterfront resort-inspired village” with some of the best waterfront access of any neighborhood in Pierce County. The Point Ruston area has many little shops, lots of restaurants, coffee and ice cream shops, and a movie theater.


Pt Ruston was created in the early 21st century by redeveloping this site from a highly contaminated former smelting facility (google Asarco Smelter cleanup) to a residential development. It's highly dense with condos and apartments built over businesses.

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a building with a sign that says waterfront market in ruston, in the point ruston neighborhood of tacoma

What the Neighbors are Saying

Find out what neighbors who live in the Pt Ruston neighborhood are saying:

It's very laid back, lots of variation in the houses, people seem very happy in the neighborhood and are mostly pleasant. It's a wonderful place to have children due to the close proximity to Pt Defiance, Ruston Way, and Proctor. The front yard gardens are the best in Tacoma.


I like that's a walkable neighborhood. We walk and ride bikes whenever we can, and even when we drive we don't go far. I also love that, while not every house has a water view, most people are only a few blocks' walk from seeing Commencement Bay, Mt. Rainier, the Olympics, and the port.


Beautiful views, pleasant neighbors, character and charm, family-friendly.


The neighborhood is a mix of older couples, young families and families who grew up in the area and have now returned to raise their families! Beautiful scenery from mountains, to water, to amazing parks! And a pretty amazing zoo that is almost literally in your back yard.

condo buildings in the point ruston nieghborhood of tacoma overlooking commencement bay

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