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Eatonville at sunset

Get to Know Eatonville

Eatonville is a small town in the mountains of East Pierce County. Located about 50 minutes from Downtown Tacoma, Eatonville is surrounded by forests, rivers, lakes, and stunning views of Mt Rainier.

Why Eatonville is so Great

If slow paced rural small town life is for you, you definitely want to look into Eatonville. This town has homes on acreage, homes with incredible views of nature, and easy access to forests and mountains.

Community garden
main street eatonville

What to do in Eatonville

Catch up on the latest news at the country store, visit your neighbors in the community garden, or take a drive up into the hills and go for a hike. This is small town life, there’s no hurry.


Eatonville has a variety of home styles. From new construction to historic homes built during the 1880's when it was founded. The town's motto is "Better together" and there are many different styles of home represented in and around town.

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What the Neighbors are Saying

We surveyed folks who live in Eatonville about what they really think about living there. Here are their thoughts.

I love the views and the access to water. We have a huge waterfall in Bonney Lake! Did you know that? Victor Falls. I enjoy being able to afford everything I want in a home. Bonney Lake is a place where you don't have to leave if you don't want to. Because we have all the stores you can need Costco, Target, Walmart, everything!


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