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MEDIAN: $425,000
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Get to Know Wapato

Wapato is a mostly residential neighborhood located in Tacoma’s South End. The namesake is Wapato Lake and Park located on the Southwest corner of the neighborhood. The lake was formed approximately 15,000 years ago during the retreat of the Fraser Ice Sheet. The Native American name for the lake was “Wappato” for a wild plant that grew around the lake.

Why Wapato is so Great

Today the park is a regional destination with trails, beach, picnic areas, fishing, gardens and dog park. The Wapato neighborhood is mostly residential with a few business centers. The main business center is Tacoma Place, and the community center around 64th & Yakima Ave.

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What to do in Wapato

Definitely take a walk at Wapato Lake & Park, check out the Wapato Dog Park and Wapato Pergola. Notable Businesses in the neighborhood are the Winco, LA Fitness, Starbucks, Famous Daves BBQ, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Taqueria El Grande.


Surrounding the lake and in the western sections of the neighborhood you will find more modern-mid century homes. Some have views of the lake. On the eastern sections of of the neighborhood you will get a mix of craftsmen and minimal traditional homes (some being catalog order homes).

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What the Neighbors are Saying

It's one thing to form an opinion based on your first impressions of a neighborhood, but it's another to hear from the people who call it home.

Lincoln is full of energy. Not in a touristy sense, but liek a strong community of working people living their lives. You have the international district on one end, and more commercial spots on the opposite end. I enjoy shopping at East Asia Market and grabbing sushi at Gari of Sushi.


The Lincoln District is convenient, walkable, and vibrant! I love that I can run a bunch of errands on foot, enjoy the restaurants and shops of 38th Street, and that downtown is just a five minute drive away (or a longish walk if I'm feeling ambitious).


The Lincoln District is eclectic, neighborly, with older homes. I love how my neighbors all watch out for each other.

wapato lake tacoma wa

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