downtown sumner wa at sunset

Sumner WA

Historic, Charming, Commuter friendly

MEDIAN: $550,000
Mt Rainier on a cloudless day viewed from a street in Sumner, WA

Get to Know Sumner WA

Sumner, WA is located in Northeastern Pierce County. With just over 10,000 people, Sumner is known for its small town vibes, historic main street, and convenient location. Sumner is located about 20 minutes from Downtown Tacoma. You can reach Seattle Tacoma International airport in about 30 minutes and Downtown Seattle in 45 minutes.

Why Sumner WA is so Great

People who live in Sumner love the small town feel and convenient location. In addition to a well connected downtown which makes getting around easy and convenient, Sumner has a number of local businesses and shops on its main street. While Sumner has an industrial area that provides jobs, it still has farmland and a rural feel surrounding it.

a yellow, blue, and pink mural with an abstract daffodil in sumner wa
Downtown Sumner WA businesses on Main Street at sunset

What to do in Sumner WA

Check out the downtown, attend a high school football game, or eat at one of the delicious local eateries. Folks who live in Sumner enjoy a well connected downtown with easy access to parks and shopping in local businesses. Every year in Spring the Annual Daffodil Parade comes through town, which feels like a trip back in time.


Sumner WA has a mix of older homes in the center of town and newer construction in the outer areas.

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What the Neighbors are Saying

It's one thing to form an opinion based on your first impressions of a neighborhood, but it's another to hear from the people who Sumner WA home.

I love the views and the access to water. We have a huge waterfall in Bonney Lake! Did you know that? Victor Falls. I enjoy being able to afford everything I want in a home. Bonney Lake is a place where you don't have to leave if you don't want to. Because we have all the stores you can need Costco, Target, Walmart, everything!

downtown sumner wa at sunset

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