Are you looking for information about Tacoma suburbs? You’ve come to the right place. Here at we have a neighborhood guide to the cities and neighborhoods around Tacoma and across Pierce County. In this video we interviewed Kylee who lives in Sumner. Sumner is about 25 minutes from Downtown Tacoma and is a favorite suburb for commuters to Tacoma and Seattle alike.

Where are the suburbs around Tacoma?

Kylee recommends several suburbs, including Edgewood, Sumner, South Hill/Puyallup, Bonnie Lake, Gig Harbor, and others.

If you’re looking for the closest suburbs to Tacoma we recommend looking at the Waller Road Area, Summit, University Place, and Fircrest. The most suburban neighborhood in Tacoma is probably the Browns Point/Northeast Tacoma area.

How much does it cost to buy a house in the Tacoma suburbs?

The price range for recently built homes in the suburbs is around $600,000 and up. The exception would be neighborhoods like Spanaway, Graham, and Frederickson where there are homes built within the last 10 years that have sold in the $400’s and $500s.

What are the best suburbs in Pierce County for commuting to Seattle?

If you prefer to dive, the Sumner and Bonney Lake areas, with access to Highway 167 and the Sounder train, are considered ideal for commuting to Seattle. We have a whole article on this topic, “The Best Pierce County and Tacoma Neighborhoods for Commuting to Seattle.” Driving to Seattle from Tacoma only takes about 45 minutes when there’s no traffic. But during commute times? There’s ALWAYS traffic. A typical commute from Tacoma to Seattle in the morning will be 1 hour on a good day and an hour and a half on a particularly rough Friday morning.

There are express buses from Tacoma to Seattle. Pierce Transit has bus service continuing to the suburbs like Puyallup, South Hill, Gig Harbor, Milton, Edgewood, and Northeast Tacoma. More rural areas like Graham, Kapowsin, Bonney Lake, and Key Peninsula are less accessible by public transportation.

How do I choose a neighborhood in Tacoma?

When choosing a home in the Tacoma suburbs, think about the future. Make sure your home and neighborhood supports your family’s plans and school district preferences. Think about the next 10 years!

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