Are you looking for neighborhoods in Tacoma with homes for sale under $500,000? Today we’re going to break down which neighborhoods in Tacoma actually have homes selling under $500,000. As of May 2022, in the last 30 days 403 single family homes sold in Tacoma. Only 209 of those homes sold for less than $500,000. In this post we’re going to break down which neighborhoods had the most homes sell under $500,000 in Tacoma. Check out our blog post, “How much do houses in Tacoma cost right now” for more info.

How much do homes cost in Tacoma right now?

The median sales price for homes sold in the last 30 days in Tacoma was $552,000. That’s 106% of their median list price of $520,000. Single family homes in Tacoma are currently on the market for about 9 days before they go pending. The median home price for condos in Tacoma was $505,000 and are on the market for 26 days before selling. That means homes under $500,000 are some of the most desireable in the city. If you’re wondering when things got so expensive around here check out our blog post, “Tacoma isn’t affordable anymore. This is why.

Which neighborhoods in Tacoma had the most homes sell for less than $500,000?

The South End in general had 42 homes sell for under $500,000 in the last 30 days, which was the most of any area in Tacoma.  Within the South End the Lincoln District had 27 homes under $500,000 sell. The Wapato Lake area had 14 homes sell for less than $500,000. And Fern Hill had 9 homes sell under $500,000. The South End is located south of Downtown, East of I-5, North of highway 5-12, and west of Pacific Avenue.

Parkland and the Brookdale area had 31 homes sell under $500,000 in the last 30 days. People often forget this area is Tacoma, but these homes all have Tacoma addresses. This is the area of Tacoma south of highway 5-12.  In South Tacoma 28 homes sold under $500,000 in the last 30 days. South Tacoma is located west of I-5, East of University Place, North of Lakewood, and south of highway 16. South Tacoma is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Tacoma consistently, but it didn’t have the most homes under $500,000 in the last 30 days.

In addition to the South End, Tacoma’s Eastside neighborhood saw 27 homes under $500,000 sell last month. To learn more about the Eastside check out the Eastside Neighborhood Guide. The Eastside is located south of Downtown and the Port of Tacoma, East of Pacific Avenue, and west of Waller Road.

Central Tacoma also had 17 homes sell under $500,000. For this we included central Tacoma south of 6th to highway 16/I-5, including Downtown Tacoma all the way to the water. So that includes Hilltop, Hillside/UWT Area, and Downtown Tacoma- as well as the neighborhood south of 6th ave.

How can I research neighborhoods in Tacoma?

map of south end of tacoma

Tacoma is divided up into North Tacoma, Central Tacoma, South Tacoma, the South End, and the Eastside. There are lots of neighborhoods contained within each section. If you’re new to town or you’ve only lived in one part of Tacoma, our clickable neighborhood map in our neighborhood guide is a great place to start researching. In addition to showing where in Tacoma each neighborhood is, if you click on the neighborhood highlighted on the map it will take you to a detailed neighborhood guide. The neighborhood guides include things to do in the neighborhood, the median home price of the neighborhood, what the homes look like, and what the neighbors say about living there.

Click here to explore our Tacoma Neighborhood Guide.

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Our clickable neighborhood map of Tacoma’s neighborhoods is our pride and joy. Click through to find images and videos of each neighborhood. The Neighborhood guides on the map also include median home price information, blog posts about the neighborhoods, podcast episodes about the neighborhoods, and candid quotes from local neighbors.

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The best way to learn about Tacoma is to hear from the people who live here. On the Move to Tacoma Podcast Marguerite interviews Tacomans who’ve been here generations and Tacomans who just got here. From business and technology leaders to politicians and activists and everyone in between. The Move to Tacoma Podcast will give you insight into why people move here and how they find meaning and happiness in Tacoma.

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On the Move to Tacoma Blog we have been writing about things to do in Tacoma, where to eat in Tacoma, hot button community topics, neighborhoods and more since 2015. There are hundreds of posts to help you find what you love in the City of Destiny. From posts about where to eat and drink to interviews with locals- the blog is a great place to keep up one what’s happening in Tacoma and Pierce County.

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Marguerite Martin is a different kind of Tacoma real estate agent. Reach out to find out answers to questions you have about neighborhoods in Tacoma and Pierce County. When the time is right to start looking, Marguerite can connect you with a local real estate agent who specializes in the neighborhoods you love most. You can see reviews from past clients who’ve worked with Marguerite on Yelp and on Google.

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