Tacoma coffee shops are some of the best in the Pacific Northwest! In this post we’re going to share the different local owned coffee shops in Tacoma, Washington. We will break down the coffee shops by neighborhood. If you’re moving to Tacoma this is a great way to figure out what kind of coffee shops are available in the neighborhood you’re interested in! Today we are going to cover the Tacoma’s North End, South Tacoma, Central Tacoma, the South End, and the Eastside.

Does Tacoma, Washington have good coffee?

Yes, Tacoma has excellent coffee. Tacoma is home to dozens of local coffee roasters. The Pacific Northwest has very high standards for coffee. The coffee in the region is largely regarded as some of the best in the world. Even within the region Tacoma has a high number of locally owned high quality coffee shops for a city of its size. No matter which neighborhood in Tacoma you choose to live in or visit, chances are there’s an amazing local coffee shop right around the corner.

What are the best local coffee shops in the North End of Tacoma, Washington?

Lander Coffee, Curran Coffee, and Delightful Market are three of the best local coffee shops in Tacoma’s North End. But there are a LOT MORE. Tacoma’s North End neighborhoods have a ton of great local coffee shops. The North End is made up of a bunch of smaller neighborhoods. Most of the neighborhoods in the North End are organized around local business districts. For people living in North Tacoma this means a great local cup of coffee is right around the corner!

Local Coffee Shop in the Proctor District of Tacoma’s North End

Tacoma’s Proctor District has a lot of great spots to get coffee, including places like Top Pot Donut, Rosewood Cafe, and Metropolitan Market. But coffee shops? They have a Starbucks and an Olympia Coffee Roasters. Olympia coffee roasters is based out of Olympia, Washington. So we really are breaking our own rules right off the bat here, but for people living in Proctor this is the localest coffee shop you’ll find.

The Olympia Coffee Roasters shop in Proctor is a super cute location. It’s located right on the corner in the heart of the Proctor Business District. We love the black and white tile floors and minimal decor. The location is light filled and cozy with lots of little tables for working alone or catching up with friends. Get a latte with one of their house made syrups and choose from their plentiful selection of pastries. They also have breakfast sandwiches in the morning!

While not officially a coffee shop, Toast Mi in Proctor has amazing Vietnamese Coffee.

Are there any local coffee shops in the College Park/UPS Neighborhood?

The area between Proctor and 6th Ave around Puget Sound University is known as College Park or UPS neighborhood. The area is mainly residential. The only locally owned coffee shop in the neighborhood is Diversions Caffe.


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Diversions is located in the Wheelock Student Center on the main floor. It’s been open since 1997 (longer than most coffee shops in Tacoma). Diversions is staffed by university students working for the university. The serve Caffé Vita coffee which is a Seattle-based company that focusses on single-origin coffee.

Does the Three Bridges Neighborhood of Tacoma’s North End have a local coffee shop?

Lander Coffee

Located in the Three Bridges area between Proctor and the North Slope. Lander is a micro-roaster serving coffee and pastries in their roomy location. It’s a great place to meet up for a conversation or drink your coffee and work. It’s a popular neighborhood spot and can get busy on the weekends!


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Neighbors love the relaxing atmosphere at Lander Coffee, the excellent service, and the chill vibes.

We love Lander! Vibes are so good. I feel calmer when I walk through the door. Staff is excellent, coffee is superb. A lovely place to work or meet a friend. Jenny J – North Slope Resident

Are there locally owned coffee shops in the Stadium District?

Stadium Coffee is located on St Helens Ave next to Doyle’s Pub between Stadium District and St Helens.

the exterior of local tacoma coffee shop Stadium Cafe in the Stadium District Neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington. The exteior is white brick

They’re known for having good coffee and pastries with strong Wi-fi. They encourage people to bring laptops, board games, or their books from nearby King’s Books. The space is really warm and pretty and a cozy place to meet friends or work. Bonus: They’re pet friendly and they don’t charge for alternative milks.

North Slope Coffee House is the longest running coffee shop in the Stadium District. Over the years they’ve outlasted Starbucks, Tully’s, and even local favorite Anthem Coffee in their block. You can learn about the coffee shop from its owner, Denny in this clip from an interview about the Stadium and North Slope neighborhoods:

Even though the name says, “North Slope” North Slope Coffee house is located in the Stadium Business District at the entrance to Stadium Thriftway, the neighborhood grocery store. According to their site they will deliver within 2 miles of their location which is… most of Tacoma!

Does Old Town, Tacoma still have a local coffee shop?

Tacoma’s Old Town neighborhood lost it’s Starbuck’s a while back. Cry no tears, it’s now a wine shop!  Between the loss of Starbucks and the turnover of the other two local coffee spots, Old Town has seen a lot of change. Fortunately the two coffee shops that opened up in Old Town in recent years are both local!

Curran Coffee

Curran Coffee is located in the same building as The Spar Tavern just a block up the road from Ruston Way. It’s the perfect spot to grab a coffee to go and take a walk along the Tacoma waterfront. Or, if you’re ambitious, you can do a real climb and hike up the North 30th Street hill right outside their doors.

a photo of a cup of coffee to go with the words, "Curran Coffee est 2022 Tacoma, Washington" sits on the counter next to a cheddar scone on a napkin overlooking the old town neighborhood of tacoma.


Anthem Coffee

Located in Old Town, Anthem is right at the bottom of the North 30th Street hill next to the Job Carr Cabin and Old Town Park.


Anthem is a local chain based out of Puyallup. They have a large space and a patio in the summertime. It’s a great place to grab a drink and meetup with friends before heading to the waterfront.

North Slope Historic District

Cosmonaut Coffee (formerly called Satellite Coffee) is across the street from Wright Park at the very beginning of the North Slope Historic District.

the exterior of local coffee shop Cosmonaut Coffee in Tacoma Washington's Stadium District and North Slope neighborhood. The shop is located on the roof up some stairs from Supernova and a red sign with white letters says, "Cosmonaut"

Cosmonaut Coffee has been serving the highest quality espressos, brewed coffees, teas, chai and treats in Tacoma since 2007. They get their chai and craft batch syrups from Bapi Champati at MyChai. The use Cat & Cloud Coffee Roasters for their espresso, cold brew, and brewed coffee. Several local baristas made sure to tell us that they are meticulous at making coffee at Cosmonaut, for what that’s worth! Note: Cosmonaut is like a treehouse perched ABOVE Supernova Barber Shop on the corner of North I & Division.

Delightful Neighborhood Market

Delightful Neighborhood Market is an exception to the “coffee shops are in the business districts in the North End” rule.

Exterior of Delightful Market in the North End of Tacoma, Washington. It's a white building with a german shepherd out front and a sign that says delightful market

Located in a residential neighborhood between Proctor and Ruston, Delightful Neighborhood Market is a a combination coffee shop and neighborhood market.

I love grabbing coffee at Delightful Market because it’s a short walk from my house, and in a quiet neighborhood rather than a commercial area. It is a small, locally owned market with a coffee bar + seating area so you can pick up some other things while you’re there and there’s room to sit and chat with friends. – Keryn G. North End Resident

Where can I find the best local coffee shops in Central Tacoma?

6th Ave

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters has such a cool spot right at the beginning of the 6th Ave Neighborhood’s business strip. Located across from Hilltop Heritage Junior High School and MSM Deli. Bluebeard roasts their beans in house right where you can see them in their large, loft-like coffee shop. Bluebeard is also an excellent place to work with lots of large and small tables and plugs. There’s bike parking right out front.

Valhalla Coffee Roasters is the personal favorite of MovetoTacoma.com creator and Tacoma real estate agent Marguerite Martin. Like Bluebeard they are at the opposite end of the 6th Ave Neighborhoods business strip and they roast their beans right in the shop. If you love a dark roast (and who doesn’t!?) make sure to try their Valhalla Valkyrie Blend to take home and run through your machine, french press, or do a pour over. It’s amazing.

Tacoma Java

This 6th Ave coffee shop has a bigger selection of food options (including sandwiches) than many of the local coffee shops we’ve mentioned here. This makes it popular with people looking for breakfast or lunch with their coffee!

I love Tacoma Java because the staff always remembers what I like, which lately has been an oat milk latter. The owner makes fabulous earrings that say, “I love Tacoma.” – Rebecca

St Helen’s / Theater District 

Corina Bakery

I left this out in the first draft of this post and was SWIFTLY corrected. Corina Bakery is (obviously) a bakery. They sell some of the most delicious cakes and baked goods in Tacoma. Pro tip: They have vegan AND gluten free cakes!  AND they serve coffee. Great coffee! Especially if you live in the St Helen’s / Theater District area between Stadium and Downtown Corina is probably your go-to coffee spot. They serve Valhalla coffee which we LOVE here at MovetoTacoma.com.

Does Tacoma’s Hilltop Neighborhood have local coffee shops?

Hilltop has several local coffee shops, all easily reachable from other parts of Downtown Tacoma thanks to the Link Light Rail.

Luv a Latte Espresso

Picture of Luv a Latte Espresso exterior in Tacoma's Hilltop Neighborhood. A Brick building with large floor to ceiling windows with bright pink lighting inside.


Luv a Latte is located in Hilltop on the corner of 11th & South Yakima across from Bates Technical College. In addition to great coffee Luv a Latte serves italian sodas and milk shakes. Luv a Latte has both excellent vibes and some hilarious social media and sandwich boards!

Manifesto Coffee

Manifesto Coffee is a favorite of local coffee snobs from all over Tacoma. Located one block off MLK on South 11th next to 1022 S J, a popular local bar. They have a large enough space to meet up with friends, but it’s also a great place to get a coffee and get some work done.

Red Elm Cafe

Red Elm is conveniently located next to the Link Light Rail Stop on 11th & MLK. This is a popular spot for the coffee and food- but it is also a community hub for people across Tacoma to gather and plan, work, and connect. Truly a beloved local spot.

Definitely check out the Red Elm Cafe, where the air is thick with love, politics, community, and breve lattes. – Rebecca

Downtown Tacoma

Lift Bridge Coffee

Lift Bridge is located in Courthouse Square in Downtown Tacoma on 11th & A Street (yes! right by the Murrey Morgan Bridge) and has fantastic coffee. The coffee shop is located in the lobby of this grand historic building that still houses the local Post Office, so you can drop off your packages and pause for a great cup of coffee.

Cremello Cafe

Located in the historic (and ICONIC) Bostwick Building in Downtown Tacoma, Cremello Cafe is a great place to get coffee and soak up Tacoma vibes. Located just across the street from the Pantages Theater, this is definitely a great central spot in Downtown Tacoma to meet someone for coffee.


Are there coffee shops on the Hillside between downtown and Hilltop near UWT?

Metro Coffee

Located on the main steps of the UWT Campus Metro Coffee is a longtime favorites of students and locals alike. People love the warmth of the baristas, the coziness of the space for working and studying, and of course great coffee!

Common Ground Coffee

Located between UWT and the Hilltop neighborhoods in Downtown Tacoma, Common Ground is a favorite of locals, despite being newer on the scene! The interior is instagrammable and aesthetic, and the drinks and food (especially breakfast sandwiches) are top tier. You can also rent the shop for events by the hour with or without a barista.

Campfire Coffee

Campfire Coffee is a true local success story. The owners started off roasting their coffee beans over a campfire and now have multiple locations and beans in stores like Trader Joe’s and shops all around the region. Their location on 15th & Market is spacious for working, with super friendly baristas, awesome coffee, and yeah! A campfire!

Naomi Jo

Naomi Jo is Tacoma’s smallest artisinal roaster located in the same space that houses 7 Seas Brewing.  They also do delivery locally and even free delivery every Thursday!

Kyle is a coffee whiz and is always coming up with fun and creative ideas for coffee drinks (Heidelberg + espresso, helloooo). Highly recommend this as a work-from-home spot. Grab a quality espresso then switch to beer when the time is right! Naomi Joe is queer-friendly, super welcoming, and non-pretentious. Just a great vibe all around! – Grace D

Which are South Tacoma’s best local coffee shops?

Howdy Bagel

Famous for their bagels, Howdy Bagel also serves up delicious local coffee. Howdy Bagel is one of the few local coffee shops in South Tacoma right now and since their focus is INSANELY POPULAR BAGELS it can be a lot to wait in line for just coffee, so make sure to get bagels while you’re there!

While many people focus (rightfully, so) on the delicious bagels at Howdy Bagel, I love their coffee! Made with Olympia roasted beans baristas make some of the most delicious lattes I’ve had in Tacoma. – Maddy M South Tacoma

Word on the street is Bluebeard Coffee will be opening a South Tacoma Way location soon!

Can I get local coffee in Tacoma’s South End?

Lincoln District

La Vie is more than a coffee shop! They are known for serving amazing Vietnamese Coffee. They also serve amazing Vietnamese food. For folks in the Lincoln District it’s a favorite spot to grab a coffee and lunch.

It’s a cute little café that serves sandwiches & coffee. The iced coffee is the best! Bonus: it’s a short walk from both my house and my job (Lincoln HS!) They’re so kind and so fast!! Cat Brazzley

Where are the local coffee shops on Tacoma’s Eastside?

Tacoma’s Eastside is home to two great local coffee shops right on McKinley Ave in the heart of the Eastside.

Beware Coffee

This place is SO pretty. From the bright minty exterior to the warm creamy yellow interior, the warmth and friendliness of Beware is in contrast to its name. They have friendly service and tons of room to work or meet friends.

The coffee after the first try instantly became one of my favorites in Tacoma. Also, the shop radiates friendliness and happiness. From the bright yellow walls (pro tip: go when the sun is rising for a glowing experience), and unique decor flair, to the incredibly friendly baristas Beware is hands down my favorite coffee shop in the Eastside.- Josh J

Lux Perpetua Coffee

Great coffee, friendly baristas, and an adorable shop dog. What else could you want? Lux has a bit of that 90’s coffee house vibe with games like Catan on the shelf and a relaxed energy about the place. They serve coffee from Manifesto and spilled butter desserts. The homemade pop tarts are amazing, too!

What is the best coffee shop in Tacoma, Washington?

Valhalla Coffee Roasters is the best coffee shop in Tacoma, Washington. While there are MANY great local coffee shops and roasters, when it comes to the taste of the coffee Valhalla is king. Of course, the taste of the coffee is very subjective. Bluebeard is often preferred by east coasters who’ve relocated to Tacoma. But for Pacific Northwesterners who often prefer a dark roast (you mediun roasty Portlanders are excluded from this narrastive!) Vahalla scratches the itch.

Valhalla is the personal favorite of MovetoTacoma.com creator Marguerite Martin. If you love a dark roast (and who doesn’t!?) make sure to try their Valhalla Valkyrie Blend to take home and run through you machine, french press, or do a pour over. It’s amazing.

Is there a locally owned tea shop in Tacoma, Washington?

Yes! Mad Hat Tea in Tacoma’s Dome District is a locally owned tea shop. In addition to their GIANT tea shop with a view of Tacoma’s skyline, Mad Hat is also a tea distributor and creates their own custom blends.

Honorable Mentions:

While not locally owned these are favorites in their neighborhoods all the same and there would be a revolt if we didn’t shout them out!

Dancing Goat Coffee  is based in Georgia but they get their beans from Batdorf and Bronson in Olympia. Their Tacoma spot is located in the Brewery Blocks near the University of Washington Tacoma campus.

Hubs was thrilled to see one open near our factory. Coffee and snacks are excellent. When we need a meeting spot away from the factory, we go there. Brewery district obviously full of beer and booze so it’s a nice spot for not booze. – Kristin J in the Brewery District

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