The most expensive neighborhoods in Tacoma are the Stadium District, Three Bridges, Old Town, Proctor, and Tacoma’s West Slope. The difference in median sales price between Tacoma’s most affordable affordable neighborhoods and the ones we profile here are a few miles, and $300-500,000.

Stadium District

a white house on a hill above a rock wall in tacoma's stadium district

The most expensive neighborhood in Tacoma right now is the Stadium District at $805,000 median. The median price in Stadium can fluctuate quite a bit year to year because there are not a ton of sales. Home to some of Tacoma’s priciest and most historic homes, Stadium is always in the top 5.

Three Bridges

homes on a street in three bridges

The median home price in Three Bridges in 2021 is $700,000. Homes in this neighborhood sell very quickly, and are pending an average of 6 days after they hit the market.

Old Town

a large home on a hill above a sidewalk in old town tacoma

The median home price in Old Town is $655,000. The average days on market is longer than any other neighborhoods on this list, at 45 days.


photo of proctor station apartments in proctor tacoma at sunset

The median home price in Proctor is $619,500. Homes in Tacoma’s Proctor neighborhood are on the market for an average of 15 days before they go pending.

West Slope

a view of puget sound from tacoma's west slope neighborhood

The median home price for homes in Tacoma’s West Slope is $578,500. Homes in the West Slope typically go pending after spending 31 days on the market.

Demand for homes in Tacoma’s most expensive neighborhoods has been growing year after year, and some of these neighborhoods have seen big spikes.

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