As of 2021 the most affordable neighborhoods in Tacoma are currently Downtown TacomaSouth Tacoma, the South End, Hilltop, and East Tacoma.

Downtown Tacoma

Most Affordable Neighborhood in Tacoma is Downtown Tacoma. Downtown Tacoma’s median home price (of homes sold in the past year) is $316,500. Important to note that that is based on CONDO sales. The Hillside/UWT neighborhood includes more townhomes as well, and the median home price in Hillside is $318,000.

South Tacoma

South Tacoma is the second most affordable neighborhood in Tacoma right now. The median home price there is $325,000. Homes are on the market for less than two weeks, only 13 days, before they sell.

South End

The median home price in Tacoma’s South End is currently $333,000. The South End also includes neighborhoods such as the Lincoln District and Fern Hill. The Lincoln District’s median home price is currently $335,000. Fern Hill’s median home price is $325,000. On average homes listed for sale in the South End are on the market 11 days before they get an offer.


The median sales price of homes on Tacoma’s Eastside is $335,000. Homes on the Eastside are selling slightly slower than some of the other neighborhoods on this list at 16 days.


Homes in Hilltop have a median sales price of $337,000. On average homes in Hilltop spend only 10 days on the market before they go pending.

Tacoma is the fastest rising real estate market in the country, and median home prices have been going up steadily for years. Tacoma isn’t “affordable” anymore by most metrics. You can learn more by checking out our blog post “Tacoma isn’t affordable anymore. This is Why.”

Tacomans who are renting and looking to become homeowners still have opportunities in Tacoma. To learn more you can check out our post, “Creative ways to buy in Tacoma if you think you’re priced out.”

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