Pierce County is a big place, so this 2021 Pierce County real estate update covers a lot of ground. From the Key Peninsula to Bonney Lake, Sumner, Puyallup, Graham, Spanaway, Frederickson, it goes on and on! Today Tacoma real estate agent Marguerite sits down with her friend and colleague Kylee to talk about what it is like buying a house outside of Tacoma in the towns and suburbs of Pierce County.

Why are people moving to the Pierce County suburbs in 2021?

Kylee shares about how she’s originally from Federal Way, but that she was drawn to the town of Sumner, WA because of it’s charm and convenient location. Even though it’s only 30 minutes outside of Tacoma, it’s also very convenient for her partner who commutes north to King County.

What is it about living in towns like Sumner, WA?

Sumner is very well connected. Both Kylee and her kids can easily walk to everything they enjoy doing in Sumner. Kylee loves the 25 mile an hour speed limit.

What is appealing about Downtown Puyallup?

The farmers market and the whole pavilion area of Downtown Puyallup is a great place to be around the community. Also so many great restaurants and shops right downtown.

What neighborhoods in Pierce County have new construction neighborhoods?

Neighborhoods in Pierce County with a good selection of new construction homes include Gig Harbor, Bonney Lake, Edgewood, Lakewood, Puyallup, South Hill, and Spanaway.

How much does it cost to buy a newer home in the Pierce County Suburbs in 2021?

According to Kylee it is a sellers market for new construction homes. There are multiple offers on lots and new homes frequently. New construction is most likely going to be in the $500,000-$650,000 range. New construction is a different type of real estate transaction than the standard home sale in Pierce County. Both Marguerite and Kylee emphasize the importance of using an agent who has experience with the specialized contracts and addendums builders use.

What suburbs of Tacoma have more homes on large lots?

Kylee recommends Edgewood, Milton, and Fruitland for neighborhoods with more yard if that’s a priority.

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