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Fircrest is a small town of just under 7,000 people located between the Central Tacoma neighborhood of Tacoma and the City of University Place in Pierce County, Washington. The city was first incorporate in 1925. Some parts of town still have some of the 100 year old homes of that era. That said, Fircrest is more well known for having some of the best Mid Century Modern homes in the Tacoma area.

What is it really like living in Fircrest?

We sat down to ask seven year Fircrest Resident and Elope253 Elopement Chapel owner Rochelle what she loves about living in the City of Fircrest. Rochelle shares about the sense of community and how much she loves her neighbors. She also shares about how much she loves being at the nexus of all the best grocery stores in the Tacoma area. From the the local swimming pool and rec center to Halloween- Rochelle shares the things she thinks are great about Fircrest, Washington. Be ready to see a LOT of beautiful dogs out walking. Watch the video to learn more about what Rochelle enjoys about living in Fircrest.

If you’d like to learn more about Fircrest visit our Fircrest Neighborhood Guide here.

How is the commute from Fircrest?

Fircrest is one of the most centrally located and well connected cities in Pierce County. Located next to highway 16 getting in and out of Fircrest is extremely convenient. Fircrest is located 10 minutes from Downtown Tacoma and 15 minutes from Downtown Gig Harbor. It takes 45 minutes to get to Olympia during rush hour and about an hour to get to Downtown Seattle and Downtown Bellevue in rush hour. The drive from Fircrest to JBLM is 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.

What is there to do in Fircrest?

For such a small town, living in Fircrest comes with a lot of perks. Fircrest has a number of public and private recreational options.  In the center of town is Fircrest Park, a 10 acre park that is home to the Community Center, Swimming Pool, basketball court, softball fields, and kids playground equipment. The swimming pool opens every Memorial Day Weekend and is open throughout the summer months. You can learn more about the Fircrest Pool by visiting their website here.

In addition to the incredible public amenities, Fircrest is also home to the Fircrest Golf Club. The Club is located on 165 acres and the course was designed in the 1920s by Arthur Vernon Macan. Access to the facilities requires a membership. The club has facilities that can be rented for events, a club house with dining room, a pool, fitness equipment, and more. You can learn more by visiting the website for Fircrest Golf Club here.

How much does it cost to buy a house in Fircrest?

Since Fircrest is a small town fewer homes come on the market and they are in high demand. So far as of April 2022 only 21 homes have sold. The median sales price was $625,000, an almost 12% increase in just 4 months (the median home price in January was $555,000). If you want to learn more about what is happening in the local housing market, check out our post, “How to Buy a House in Tacoma Right now or contact us.

What are neighborhoods that are close to Fircrest?

Fircrest is located between Tacoma and University Place. The neighborhoods immediately touching Fircrest are University Place, South Tacoma, Central Tacoma, West Slope, and the West End.

University Place – UP has some incredible waterfront and mountain view homes. It’s also home to the only Trader Joe’s in all of Pierce County. University Place has beautiful parks, schools, and a variety of architectural styles of homes available.

South Tacoma – South Tacoma is one of Tacoma’s most affordable neighborhoods, and it’s also very convenient. To learn more about South Tacoma (and the difference between South Tacoma and the South End) check out the blog post South Tacoma and South End neighborhoods.

Central Tacoma – Central Tacoma is a popular neighborhood. It has the historic homes and tree-lined streets that make North Tacoma so appealing, with the benefit of being considerably more affordable.

West Slope – The first word that comes to mind when you think of Tacoma’s West Slope neighborhood is “views.” Views of Puget Sound. Views of the Olympic Mountains. Vistas of the Narrows Bridge. Most importantly, homes on Tacoma’s West Slope have some of the most spectacular sunset views you’ll find anywhere.

West End – Living in the West End of Tacoma is great because there are a variety of eras of homes to choose from. From older to newer homes, single family to condos. The homes in the West End are some of the most affordable to be found in North Tacoma.

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