People often mix up or use South Tacoma and the South End  interchangeably- even locals! The South End and South Tacoma have become some of Tacoma’s hottest neighborhoods in recent years. They contain some of Tacoma’s most affordable neighborhoods and also some of its coolest business districts.

Where is South Tacoma, WA?

South Tacoma is the area west of I-5, South of Highway 16, east of the city of University Place, and north of the City of Lakewood.

south tacoma neighborhood

South Tacoma is highlighted on a neighborhood map of Tacoma

Where is the South End Neighborhood of Tacoma?

The South End is located East of I-5, South of Downtown, West of Tacoma’s Eastside, and North of Highway 5-12.

map of south end of tacoma

The South End of Tacoma on a neighborhood map.

What is it like living in South Tacoma in 2021?

South Tacoma, the South End, and the Eastside of Tacoma are some of the hottest and most affordable places to buy a house in Tacoma in 2021. In this video Tacoma real estate agent (and creator) Marguerite Martin sits down with friend and colleague Amanda. Amanda bought her craftsman house in the Lincoln District 18 years ago (and she’s been working on it ever since!) Marguerite and Amanda talk about what it’s like living in the South End and what advice she has for buyers searching for homes in the neighborhood in 2021.

What are the neighborhoods in the South End & South Tacoma like?

South Tacoma is a neighborhood that is full of history, parks, and one of the coolest business districts in Tacoma, South Tacoma Way. The South End includes the popular Lincoln Business District and Lincoln High School and local favorite restaurants including Gari of Sushi, Vien Dong, Uncle Thurms, and more.

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