Move to Tacoma Podcast

hosted by
marguerite martin

About the Podcast

North Tacoma is the area that encompasses some of Tacoma's most popular neighborhoods. Neighborhoods like Old Town, Ruston, Stadium District, North Slope Historic District, Proctor District, and University of Puget Sound Neighborhood are all part of the Tacoma’s.

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    100 Things to Do in Tacoma Before You Die Author Peggy Cleveland

    Looking for things to do in Tacoma, Washington? We interviewed local Author Peggy Cleveland on…

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    The Tacoma AF Music Series

    Michael Haeflinger, Executive Director of Write 253, and Forest Beutel, a one man-band and member…

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    Podcast: Talking Alma Mater Tacoma with Rachel Ervin and Aaron Spiro

    The Space: Alma Mater Tacoma at 1322 South Fawcett, is a live music venue, artist…

  • forest marek beutel with banjo

    Podcast: Forest Beutel & The Tacoma Music Scene

    Punk Rock, Punches & Puget Sound: Before moving to Tacoma 10 years ago, Forest was…

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      What is Tacoma’s dating scene really like, these days? Marguerite is new to the…

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    2018: What’s Next for MoveToTacoma?

    The Move to Tacoma podcast has had a big year, loads of cool guests and…

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    Najahmoniq Todd and Del Brown of Mirrorgloss

    Najah moved from the country in Florida to the City of Tacoma in high school…