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marguerite martin

About the Podcast

North Tacoma is the area that encompasses some of Tacoma's most popular neighborhoods. Neighborhoods like Old Town, Ruston, Stadium District, North Slope Historic District, Proctor District, and University of Puget Sound Neighborhood are all part of the Tacoma’s.

  • A new park! Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance

    Dune Peninsula opens today at Point Defiance, a new 12-acre park right on the water….

  • Washington State Historical Society with Mary Mikel Stump

    While history hounds are in the know, many may wonder what’s the difference between the…

  • Dean Burke: Tacoma and the Sea

    Dean Burke comes on the podcast to talk about how all Tacoma’s can have a…

  • Najahmoniq Todd and Del Brown of Mirrorgloss

    Najah moved from the country in Florida to the City of Tacoma in high school…

  • Tacoma Public Schools Superintendent Carla Santorno

    Carla Santorno is the beloved Superintendent of Tacoma Public Schools. Seven years ago she moved…

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Life in Tacoma with Keryn Giguere

    Can vegetarians and vegans live and eat happily in the City of Destiny? Today’s guest…

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  • Homeless in Tacoma with Rob McNairhuff Episode 015

    For today’s podcast Marguerite sat down with Rob Mcnairhuff of MDC to have a conversation…

  • Commute Hacks with Justin Camarata – Episode 001.mp3

    A lot of people considering moving to Tacoma from Seattle have questions about the commute….