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North Tacoma is the area that encompasses some of Tacoma's most popular neighborhoods. Neighborhoods like Old Town, Ruston, Stadium District, North Slope Historic District, Proctor District, and University of Puget Sound Neighborhood are all part of the Tacoma’s.

  • How Can We Help Tacoma Seniors During Covid-19?

    Depression and anxiety were already high among senior citizens in our community before the Covid-19…

  • A new park! Dune Peninsula at Point Defiance

    Dune Peninsula opens today at Point Defiance, a new 12-acre park right on the water….

  • Tacoma Against Nazis

    Tacoma Against Nazis is a group for people in Tacoma who are against nazis. “We…

  • Supporting Tacoma’s Jewish Community with Saul Farber

    Saul Farber is one of the founders of PeopleGIS, a local tech company. He is…

  • How do we fund education after McCleary? #ACHH253

    This is the recording from our third Adult Civics Happy Hour event so far. Adult…

  • The new KNKX with Matt Martinez & Mary Dunaway

    Director of Content Matt Martinez and Director of Development Mary Dunaway talk about how KPLU…

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