Podcast: Forest Beutel & The Tacoma Music Scene

hosted by
marguerite martin


forest marek beutel with banjo

About This Episode

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Forest Beutel is now a local singer-songwriter who wields many instrumental tools of the trade including the guitar, drums and a banjo. This week he talks about the series of interesting events that brought him to Tacoma and his thoughts on the local music scene.

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Show Notes

Punk Rock, Punches & Puget Sound: Before moving to Tacoma 10 years ago, Forest was a drummer for various punk rock bands and was deep into the rock n roll scene in Rhode Island. Somewhere in there he spent some time as a competitive boxer, which as he put it, “was the first step in improving his life.” After applying to universities in the Pacific Northwest, he made it to the University of Puget Sound where he earned a Bachelor’s degree, as a Psychology major. Banjo and Bluegrass: A 1991 Toyota Camry was the sweet chariot of transportation that delivered Forest to Tacoma and since the drum kit didn’t fit in the backseat, Forest’s grandpa gifted him with a banjo which serendipitously led to his involvement with the Tacoma Bluegrass Band "Barley Wine Review". He later went on to found the Rusty Cleavers and release solo albums. The Tacoma Music Scene: Forest talks about how the blue grass and country music scene in Tacoma seems to ebb and flow in ways that are healthy. Plus, he talks about the abundance of live music venues and dishes what aspects are the most valuable for performers in building a relationship with venues and supporting good shows. Consumate Hustler: As a performer you gotta work that hustle. Beutel says social media and a strong web presence is crucial. On top of working the promo gig, he manages booking, website, Instagram, YouTube updates and more. In 2018, Forest is committed to releasing a new song every week on YouTube which will include both covers and original songs. SUPPORT: Marguerite poses the question, “what can we do to be better fans?” and Forest answers, “Pay the cover charge. There’s a ton that goes on that’s not the 45 minutes on stage. It’s a gift we share but it’s work.” He also talks about merch, the tip jar and more. Tacoma Love: Indulge in 12 singer-songwriters of various genres rocking out on February 10 for the Tacoma Love event.