Najahmoniq Todd and Del Brown of Mirrorgloss

hosted by
marguerite martin


naja and dell from mirrorgloss

About This Episode

Mirrorgloss is a Tacoma band made up of best friends and roommates Najahmoniq Todd and Del Brown. Their sound is a hybrid of electronic dance pop with guitar riffs and a strong neo 80's aesthetic. "Separately we're awesome but together we're a force."

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Show Notes

  • Najah moved from the country in Florida to the City of Tacoma in high school in the mid-nineties. She's lived in the North End (and went to Wilson High School!) and Downtown.
  • Del moved to Tacoma from San Diego in 2003 and they're now roommates on the Hilltop. "I figured if I moved to a different environment then maybe a different outcome would transpire," says Del. "I met [Najah], so that changed my life."
  • Mirrorgloss After meeting on MySpace (they connected over a shared love of Jeff Buckley) Del and Najah became fast friends and collaborators. They tried several different "band things" and it never quite panned out. "We just wanted to do music," says Najah about life before Mirrorgloss. "We tried and failed at a couple of things."
  • Advice for Fellow Musicians  "Like attracts like," says Najah. "Just speak what you want to do and it will bring the people you want around you... Everybody is given a certain amount of god-given talent. Some people are given more, that's just how life is. You have to treat it like a job... You have to inundate yourself with what you want to do, I think study it. If you're not good you'll get better."
  • Karaoke Del hosts karaoke at The Mix Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights! If you're lucky you'll hear her sing Sober by Tool! Don't forget to TIP your karaoke hosts singers!
  • Tacoma Music Scene Najah and Del talk about what the Tacoma Music Scene "Tacoma needs somebody who cares about building the music scene." The biggest challenges are figuring out how to pay the talent and finding great venues willing to host them.
  • We talk about how to find great new bands, how to be a great fan, best practices for going to shows, and more!