Vegetarian and Vegan Life in Tacoma with Keryn Giguere

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marguerite martin


Keryn Giguere 2015

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Get Personal Guidance founder Marguerite has been a real estate agent in Tacoma since 2005. She knows Tacoma neighborhoods and she knows local real estate agents. She can connect you to agents who are experts in the neighborhood you're looking in, at no cost to you!


Show Notes

Can vegetarians and vegans live and eat happily in the City of Destiny? Today's guest Keryn Giguere is here with tips and tricks for vegetarians and vegans in Tacoma. Whether you're interested in dining out somewhere fancy or everyday eating, keryn giguere One of the most challenging parts of eating vegetarian or vegan anywhere is other people's judgement. "People have a stereotypical idea of what I eat," says Keryn. "I eat what you eat, just without meat. The hardest thing about being vegetarian or vegan is other people's perceptions of it." When you're starting to eat vegetarian "Do what works for you, it's ok to mess up," says Keryn. "It's ok not to be perfect." According to Keryn, Tacoma still needs "mainstream vegetarian and vegan junk food" like Pizza Pie in Seattle, but we also need a date night restaurant like Seattle's Plum restaurant (from the owners of Quickie Too!). Show Notes: Keryn Giguere - Windermere Professional Partners China Study - The book Keryn read when she became a vegan Quickie Too - Vegan Restaurant in Tacoma's Hilltop Neighborhood Marrow - Has lots of Vegetarian & Vegan options Viva - Vegan and raw food Happy Belly - Great smoothies, vegan banh mih sandwich Little India Express at Freighthouse Square- Lots of Vegetarian and Vegan options Marlene's - Natural food grocery store The Food Coop - Tacoma's only cooperative grocery Metropolitan Market - Located in Proctor, specialty grocery items Hong Kong Super Market - Located in the Lincoln District