Well 2016 has been a doozy, amiright Tacoma? After surviving this year and this holiday season, after decking the halls, trimming the trees, and spending unholy amounts of time socializing with friends and family, you might be thinking to yourself, “Hell, I need a drink!”

Well this is Tacoma, and though MANY places are closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas day we have made it a tradition here to round up as many of the bars that are open- as well as their opening and closing hours. As always, no matter how rough your holiday might have gone (or how joyously!) please do NOT drink and drive. Get yourself a Lyft, Uber, or chartered sleigh and transport yourself safely and responsibly. Merry Christmas, Tacoma!

2016 List of Bars Open in Tacoma on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Doyles Public House
208 Saint Helens Ave, Tacoma
Christmas Eve: Open 9am-2am
Christmas Day: Open 9am-2am

The Mix
635 Saint Helens Avenue, Tacoma
(253) 383-4327
Christmas Eve: 2pm-2am
Christmas Day: 2pm-2am

We Recommend calling The Mix at 2:00 to confirm with manager about Christmas Day hours.

Top of Tacoma
3529 McKinley Avenue East, Tacoma
(253) 272-1502
Christmas Eve: 11am-2am
Christmas Day: 5pm-2am (limited menu)

The Matador
721 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma
(253) 627-7100
Christmas Eve: 11am-6pm
Christmas Day: Closed

Club Silverstone
739 1/2 St Helens Ave, Tacoma
Christmas Eve: 11am-2am (Dancing starts at 9pm)
Christmas Day: 11am-2am (Karaoke starts at 9pm)

Pacific Grill
1502 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma
(253) 627-3535
Christmas Eve: 3pm-8pm
Christmas Day: Closed

The Red Hot
2914 6th Avenue, Tacoma
(253) 779-0229
Christmas Eve: 9am-Midnight
Christmas Day: Closed

O’Malley’s Irish Pub
2403 6th Avenue, Tacoma
(253) 627-9403
Christmas Eve: 11am-2am
Christmas Day: 11am-2am

Bite (at the Hotel Murano)
1320 Broadway, Tacoma
(253) 591-4151
Christmas Eve: 6am-10pm
Christmas Day: 6am – 9pm (special menu)

The Parkway Tavern
313 N I St Tacoma
(253) 383-8748
Christmas Eve: 10am-2am
Christmas Day: 5pm-2am

MaGoo’s Annex
2710 North 21st Street, Tacoma
(253) 759-0467
Christmas Eve: 3pm-2am
Christmas Day: 3pm-2am

We recommend calling MaGoo’s at 3pm to confirm Christmas Day Hours!

The Loose Wheel
6108 6th Avenue, Tacoma
(253) 301-1647
Christmas Eve: 9am-7pm
Christmas Day: Closed

The Hub
203 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma
(253) 683-4606
Christmas Eve: 9am-9pm (last seating at 8pm)
Christmas Day: Closed

UP Station
8305 27th Street West, University Place
(253) 460-3510
Christmas Eve: 10am-2am
Christmas Day: 5pm-2am (Karaoke)

Puget Sound Pizza
317 South 7th Street, Tacoma
(253) 383-4777
Christmas Eve: 11am-2am
Christmas Day: Closed

Peterson Brothers The Eleven Eleven
1111 South 11th Street, Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 284-1111
Christmas Eve: 11am-2am
Christmas Day:  5pm-2am

ACME Grub Cage
1310 Tacoma Ave S Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 503-6712
Christmas Eve: 2pm-8pm
Christmas Day: Closed

Peaks and Pints
3816 N 26th St Tacoma (Proctor)
(253) 328-5621
Christmas Eve: 11am – midnight
Christmas Day: Closed

Cooks Tavern
3201 N 26th St, Tacoma
(253) 327-1777
Christmas Eve: 8am – 3pm
Christmas Day: Closed

Brewers Row
3205 N 26th St, Tacoma
(253) 327-1757
Christmas Eve: 7am – 3pm
Christmas Day: Closed

Did we miss somewhere? If you have confirmed that a bar will be open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in Tacoma and you want to get it on the list, leave us a comment here or on Facebook and we will add it to the list. We would love it to be as comprehensive as possible!