Tacoma is a city in Pierce County, Washington and our city has become a popular place for people in California to move to. Truthfully, Californians have been moving to Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest in general for over 50 years- but it feels like the pace has picked up recently. Those coming from out-of-state love our City of Destiny for many of the same reasons that locals do. 

One of the biggest reasons that people are moving to Tacoma and Pierce County is because of how affordable we are compared to many other West Coast cities. Demand for housing in our area has increased exponentially, and we are simply not keeping up with the demand. 

In December of 2019, Pierce County’s median home price was at $375,000, and in December of 2020 it was at $439,000. That is a 15% increase year over year. And things aren’t slowing down.

If you’re thinking about moving to Tacoma, take some time to educate yourself on local housing issues and the impact you will be having on our region. Our blog post “Tacoma Isn’t Affordable Anymore. Here Is Why.” is a good place to start your reading. 

Our Solid Advice For Californians Moving to Tacoma 

The best piece of advice is to find a Tacoma real estate agent you actually like and trust. Check out the post on our sister site GetRealTacoma.com, “How to Pick the Best Tacoma Real Estate Agent for You.” If you’d like to study up on the process of moving to Tacoma and buying a home, here are a few videos that might be helpful: 

What You Need to Know About Buying in Tacoma’s Seller’s Market

Buying a home in Tacoma (and in most of Pierce County) is extremely competitive right now. Multiple offers and homes going for tens of thousands of dollars over the list price has become the norm here. If you’re going to successfully buy a home, you need to plan, plan, PLAN! This means contacting a real estate agent long before you’ll actually need to buy a house. 

How to Relocate to Tacoma

Buying a house in a new city comes with its own set of unique challenges, but it is totally possible! People move to Tacoma and Pierce County all the time, and you should know that there are real estate Buying Specialists who do this all the time. Making sure you connect with an agent who can help you figure out which neighborhood you want to live in is especially important. 

Watch this video for a few important things to consider as you’re planning your move to Tacoma: 

You can also explore our Tacoma and Pierce County neighborhood guide here.

5 Mistakes First Time Buyers Make

Ok, you definitely gotta watch this video! Learn from the mistakes and heartache from others and don’t make these same mistakes yourself! Making these preventable mistakes can cost you $$$, and could also prevent you from winning your dream home. 

How Real Estate Agents Get Paid

Many people are confused about how real estate agents get paid, and they might think that agents are paid a salary. In most cases, this is absolutely not the case. Most realtors are actually independent contractors, and they will get paid a commission after they sell a home. 

In this video, Tacoma Real Estate Agent Marguerite Martin breaks down exactly how realtors get paid: 

Buying a House: From Contract to Keys

In this video, you’ll learn what happens between making an offer on a home and the deal actually closing. This process typically takes between 30 and 45 days, and there are a lot of things that are going to happen during this period. Here’s what you need to know: 

Here are a few other important resources that can help you as you plan your Move to Tacoma: 

Listen to the Move to Tacoma Podcast 

Interviews with people who’ve moved to Tacoma and folks who grew up here. Meet Tacoma politicians, business owners, community members, and more. Learn about life in the City of Destiny.

Explore Our Tacoma and Pierce County Neighborhood Guide 

We have this clickable neighborhood map and neighborhood guide (always changing and under construction!) if you’d like to explore Tacoma! There’s also this blog post that breaks down the median home price in Tacoma by neighborhood.

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