WantIt’s no secret, Pacific Northwesterners both love and can’t handle the heat of summer! I grew up in Pierce County- but I didn’t grow up fleeing to the Tacoma waterfront on hot days. First, I lived in the county and we went to lakes for that stuff- but also, in the olden days Tacoma’s waterfront wasn’t exactly a destination. That has changed. BIG TIME.

I remember interviewing former mayor Marilyn Strickland on the MoveToTacoma.com Podcast a few years ago and being SO SURPRISED when she told me that Tacoma has 45 miles of shoreline. She also emphasized that it’s public and accessible to everyone and not overrun by crappy tourist shops. Something I had taken for granted as a local who has watched Tacoma’s waterfront slowly evolve into what it is today.

Owen Beach at Point Defiance Park
If you live in Ruston, West Slope, North Tacoma, or Proctor – Owen Beach is very convenient.

Ruston Way Waterfront

If you live in the Stadium District, Proctor, Old Town, or North Slope – Ruston is right down the hill.

Thea’s Park on Dock Street

If you live in Downtown Tacoma or Stadium District Thea’s Park is super close.

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