Moving to Tacoma used to be easy. Nowadays the Tacoma area is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. That’s made buying or renting a house in Tacoma and Pierce County more complicated than before. Here are some common questions folks relocating to Tacoma have about moving to Tacoma and their answers.

How do I find a rental in Tacoma?

Renting a house or an apartment in Tacoma can be a bit of a pain. We’re not going to sugarcoat this for you. At this time, there is no system for you to just call up an agent and work with a person that has access to all of the rentals on the market. The Tacoma area rental market is still a DIY affair. Most people still find rentals here in 3 ways. Here they are, along with a 4th we recommend. Check out our Tacoma Rental Guide here.

How do I relocate to Tacoma?

In this video we talk about how to buy a house when you are relocating to Tacoma (or really anywhere). Suggestions and advice for people unfamiliar with Tacoma, the ideal relocation process to find a great house in a great neighborhood.

How do I buy a house in Tacoma?

Here Tacoma real estate agents Marguerite and Keryn talk about how to be a prepared buyer in Tacoma. They talk about how buyers can prepare to write offers, what they can expect to pay, and how to keep a cool head in the midst of the frenzy. Tacoma is different than other local markets, and Marguerite and Keryn talk about how to be successful.

How do I choose a good neighborhood in Tacoma?

The best neighborhoods in Tacomat depends on who you’re asking and why you’re asking. Each of Tacoma’s neighborhoods has something special about it—just take a moment to explore our clickable neighborhood map of Tacoma and you’ll see what we mean. The “best” Tacoma neighborhoods by a few different categories: affordability, views, business districts, parks, and schools. If you’re new to Tacoma (or just wanting to explore), this is a great place to start getting a sense of what Tacoma is all about!

How do I learn more about what Tacoma is really like?

A great way to learn more about what life is really like in Tacoma is to check out our many podcasts. has a podcast you can find here or on iTunes. Tacoma also has its own podcasting network, Channel253. Channel253 has a bunch of podcasts with a diverse lineup of hosts covering topics from local sports, to education, to politics. Definitely the place to go to get the lay of the land in Tacoma!

What is the real estate market in Tacoma like?

The Tacoma real estate market has been increasingly frenzied over the past 5 years. This culminated with a hellish Spring 2021 market that saw a lot of offer conditions we usually associate with places like Seattle and San Fransisco. For folks moving to Tacoma from calmer real estate markets- it can be quite a shock. Multiple offers, waived inspections, appraisal gap addendums, and more were common. As of the beginning of 2022 Tacoma is still a solid seller’s market, but the number of homes for sale has increased enough that things have calmed down (especially in prices above $650,000). To learn more about what homes cost by neighborhood in Tacoma and Pierce County, visit our neighborhood guide.

Why has Tacoma become so expensive?

The reason Tacoma has become so much more expensive in recent years is there are WAY more people who need housing in Tacoma than there are houses. In addition to more Tacomans being born, growing up, and seeking housing- there are tens of thousands more people coming to the area each year. Without building more housing our crisis will only worsen. To learn more about how Tacoma became so much less afordable, visit our blog post, “Tacoma isn’t affordable anymore. This is why.”

Is Tacoma a good place to invest in multifamily real estate?

The median price in Tacoma and Pierce County has risen sharply in recent years. As a result, Tacoma has been the hottest real estate market in the United States for several years running. This surprises people who think Tacoma might be a place to find a bargain. It really isn’t anymore. The most affordable neighborhoods in Tacoma have median prices in the low 300’s. The most expensive neighborhoods in Tacoma have median prices above 700K. So there’s a big difference in what it will cost to buy a home across the city. Pierce County is the same. In this video Tacoma real estate agent Marguerite interviews Anders, an investor specialist and appraiser. They talk about FHA/VA Loan limits for purchasing multi-family in Tacoma and Pierce County- and how buyers can use those types of loans to buy their first investment properties. We talk about cash reserves, FHA/VA Loan limits, credit for rents to qualify, and so much more:

How do real estate agents in Tacoma get paid?

The majority of real estate agents in Tacoma are paid on commission (usually the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent are paid by the seller). Most people think agents get base pay or salaries, but that is almost never the case. The sellers agent and buyers agents first split the commission (usually paid by the seller) then they split with their companies, then pay taxes and expenses. In the Tacoma Real Estate Market the Sellers pay both commissions and the buyers do not pay. Learn more here:

How does the real estate contract work in Tacoma (inspections, appraisals, etc)?

Tacoma’s real estate contracts are typically written on forms from the Northwest MLS and are few dozen pages long. In this video Tacoma real estate agents Marguerite and Anne talk about the entire process of buying a home. From making the offer to closing the deal- and all the little steps in between. If you’re buying your first house (or can’t really remember how things went when you bought it the first time) watch this first!

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Marguerite Martin is a different kind of Tacoma real estate agent. Check out the Tacoma Neighborhood Guide to find answers to questions you have about neighborhoods in Tacoma and Pierce County. When the time is right to start looking, Marguerite can connect you with a local real estate agent who specializes in the neighborhoods you love most. Click here to contact Marguerite.

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