Are you wondering what it’s like living in Edgewood, Washington? We have a lot of resources here about what it’s like in Edgewood including home prices, what the neighborhood is like, commuting to and from Edgewood, and things to do in this small city in Pierce County.

A small town of about 17,000, Edgewood has grown a lot in recent years! Edgewood is located on the “North Hill” above Downtown Puyallup, about 20 minutes from Downtown Tacoma. A mix of homes on acreage, homes in planned communities, and some condos- Edgewood is a town that has something for everyone. Especially if you’re looking for a bit of elbow room and an easier commute north to Seattle.

What is it like living in Edgewood?

Check out this video for some great shots showing you things to do in Edgewood and Milton. From homes on acreage with horses to homes on the hillside with views of Mt. Rainier and the Puyallup Valley, there’s a lot of natural beauty in Edgewood.

How long is the commute from Edgewood?

Edgewood is one of the northernmost cities in Pierce County- so it’s perfectly situated for commuters going north or south. You can drive to Downtown Seattle in about 40 minutes from Edgewood. If you prefer to take public transportation you can take the bus or hop on the Sounder Train down the hill at the Downtown Puyallup Station. The drive from Edgewood to Bellevue is 45 minutes. Commuting to Downtown Tacoma takes 20 minutes. If you’re going south the commute to JBLM from Edgewood takes about 40 minutes. The drive to Olympia takes about an hour.

What is there to do in Edgewood?

Edgewood, Washington has small town vibes, but is convenient to all the activities and amenities of the surrounding cities. Don’t miss The Mill Tavern! Living in Edgewood it’s easy to pop up to museums or nightlife in Seattle or over to Tacoma. While Edgewood is a small town it has a few restuarants, supermarkets, and parks. The Mountain View Community Center is also a place where residents come together for community events for youth and seniors.

How much does it cost to buy a house in Edgewood, Washington?

At the end of 2021 the median home price in Edgewood was about $650,000. So far in 2022 64 homes have sold in Edgewood. The median home price of the homes sold so far in 2022 is $749,000. The most expensive home to sell in Edgewood so far this year sold for $1,500,000.  The real estate market in Edgewood is a sellers market right now, and multiple offers for homes are very common. To learn more about what’s going on in the Pierce County real estate market

What are the neighborhoods that are close to Edgewood?

Edgewood is located between Tacoma and Sumner, just up the hill from Downtown Puyallup. It’s one of the northernmost towns in Pierce County which makes it popular with folks commuting north to Seattle and Bellevue.

Tacoma – Tacoma is the biggest city in Pierce County. Downtown Tacoma has bars, coffee shops, new restaurants, theaters, museums, and more.

Fife – Fife is located right in the middle of Puyallup and Tacoma and has super easy access to I-5. It is lush and green, and it’s possible to to find homes with more property than in the surrounding areas. From most anywhere in Fife, the views of Mt. Rainier are spectacular.

Downtown Puyallup – Puyallup’s thriving historic downtown neighborhood offers a small-town vibe. DT Puyallup is filled with one-of-a-kind businesses that have been owned and operated by the same families for generations. Downtown is down the hill from the newer South Hill neighborhood of Puyallup. Downtown is a bustling expanse of suburban housing, restaurants, businesses, shopping and schools.

Sumner – People who live in Sumner love the small town feel and convenient location. In addition to a well connected downtown which makes getting around easy and convenient,

Northeast Tacoma – Northeast Tacoma has the most planned communities of any neighborhood in Tacoma. Housing developments with sidewalks and winding roads are plentiful. Whether it’s a home on a cut-de-sac or a home with a view of the mountains, water, and sunsets, there’s something for everyone in Northeast Tacoma.

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