creator Marguerite Martin recently sat down with her niece and fellow Tacoma agent Keryn to talk about what’s happening with the real estate market in Tacoma right now in 2020. While a lot of folks (including us!) have been publishing median home price statistics and talking about low housing and condo inventory, that doesn’t really help people who are planning to buy in Tacoma or list their house in Tacoma make plans. In short, the folks who are most successful in the real estate market in Tacoma right now are the folks who are the most prepared.

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Tacoma Housing Market Highlights:


Tacoma homes buyers need to be PREPARED in 2020

If you’re a buyer in Tacoma right now (especially if you’re spending less than $500,000, which is most folks) it is extremely challenging. There are 40% fewer homes on the market to choose from compared to 2019. Being successful in the Tacoma housing market is going to require you to have an AWESOME buyers agent, have your financing completely preapproved and ready to go, and require some flexibility on location and home size.


Unprepared and unrepresented sellers are losing money in Tacoma right now

The truth is, in this hot Tacoma market where the demand exceeds the available homes- your house is going to sell. As Keryn says in the video, even minor preparation and care can mean an increase of tens of thousands of dollars for sellers. Preparation might mean different things if you’re selling your own home vs selling a rental or investment property, so make sure you work with a seller’s agent that specializes in the type of home you are selling and has a track record selling homes over list price in the Tacoma neighborhood your house is located in.


Tacoma Housing Market Homework:


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