UPDATE: After publishing this post we were contacted by someone at The City of Tacoma to let us know about The Tacoma Equity Map. Make sure to check out this local resource by clicking here!

For years the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department has been sounding the alarm that health outcomes and life expectancy in Tacoma varies WIDELY by neighborhood.
Children born in certain parts of the city will live (on average) 15-20 years longer than children born in other parts of the city.

This week NPR featured a new tool called the “Opportunity Atlas” that charts more than health and lifespan, but also the disparities in access to The American Dream itself.

Click here to find out the differences in economic opportunities by neighborhood in Tacoma.

All Tacomans deserve a long and healthy life and access to the same economic opportunities. All Tacomans have a responsibility and role to play in ensuring that all children born in this city have a chance for a great life, no matter what neighborhood they’re born in. To find out more about how to support Health Equity efforts in Tacoma click here.