If you’re searching for a classy locale to take your date out to in Tacoma, you’ve gotta find a sultry spot that inspires romance! Of course this means a delicious food, wine, cocktails, and desserts you can split, but you’ll also want to be sure and choose a place with the right vibe. We’re talking about low lighting (always flattering!), cozy seating, and a romantic ambiance to further inspire your amorous evening. 

Whether you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner, a special place to celebrate your anniversary, or a “just because” date night, here are our top choices for classic romantic date nights in Tacoma: 


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1. Over the Moon Cafe 

Tucked away in Opera Alley, Over the Moon Cafe is often dubbed as Tacoma’s most romantic restaurant (and they’ve got the NPR story to prove it). The small, scratch kitchen serves up indulgent entrées (salmon, duck breasts, rib eye, ragu, lobster mac & cheese, bolognese are just a few of your choices here), while the drink list keeps everyone happy (signature cocktails, beers, and wines (including several Washington wines)) are all in the mix. 


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2. Pacific Grill 

Located prominently on Pacific Ave in the heart of Downtown Tacoma, the award-winning Pacific Grill is the ideal way to end a day of exploration downtown. Make a reservation to ensure that you get one of the cozy booths along the southside of the restaurant, and start off your evening of romance with a round of oysters. Take a look at the mouthwatering menu here. 


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3. Stanley & Seaforts

If you want the ultimate classic romance experience in Tacoma (fit for your grandma and grandpa did back in the day), Stanley & Seaforts is a not-to-miss Tacoma mainstay. Perched above Downtown and overlooking the city’s shimmering lights and boasting views that stretch on to Commencement Bay and beyond, this indulgent experience is designed to impress. Check out the menu here


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4. El Gaucho

It’s dark, it’s sexy, and it’s extremely expensive (making El Gaucho a must if you’ve wronged your sweetheart in any way, shape, or form). This dimly lit steakhouse serves up some of the best surf and turf in town, and get the tableside service to truly embrace your experience there (because yes, dining at El Gaucho is an *experience*!). Take a look at El Gaucho’s menu right here


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5. Indochine Asian Dining Lounge

It’s hard to beat Indochine when it comes to ambiance in Tacoma—stepping into this Pacific Ave destination is like being transported into another world thanks to the tastefully ornate aesthetic that delights at every turn. They also have some of the best “waterfront” seating in Tacoma—make a reservation in advance to secure a seat by the pond that’s in the middle of the restaurant! Browse Indochine’s menu of Asian fusion cuisine here


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6. 1022 South J

This speakeasy-inspired cocktail bar offers an intimate atmosphere, and it’s tiny footprint ensures that you and your date’s bodies will almost certainly make contact at some point. 1022 is one of those places that’s been written about a million times and included on a ton of “best of” lists, and it’s with good reason. Not only can you find your footing in the world of classic cocktails here (everything from old fashioneds and manhattans to negronis and gimlets are on the menu), but their extensive list of exquisite craft creations are sure to delight even the most seasoned of cocktail connoisseurs. But we’re getting carried away here—the full menu of southern-inspired indulgences is just as impressive. 

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