Let’s face it, when you’re new to a city getting your finger on the pulse of what’s happening can be tricky. There’s local jargon, inside jokes, community conversation! How do you find it? Tacoma Twitter is a great way to do that, whether you’re still dreaming of moving to Tacoma and trying to get a feel for the city’s strengths and challenges or a longtime resident wanting a better idea of what’s up- Tacoma Twitter is an amazing resource. While creating a complete list of people to follow is impossible (@movetotacoma follows HUNDREDS of people on Twitter!) You have to get started somewhere- here are some recs!

Who to follow on Tacoma Twitter for: POLITICS

There are tons of politicians accounts on Twitter, but many of them don’t do much tweeting when they’re not trying to get re-elected (No shade- wait actually, yes. Some shade is deserved here). These are some accounts for local folks who are active in the community conversations happening on Twitter. We tend to lean SUPER progressive here at MovetoTacoma, but we threw in a couple conservative folks we follow to round things out! This should get you started:

Laurie Jinkins – Speaker of the House of Representatives 

Derek M Young – Pierce County Councilman

Pam Roach – Notorious Pierce County Councilwoman

Ryan Mello – Former Tacoma City Councilman now running for Pierce County Council

T’wina Nobles – CEO of @tacurbanleague

Pierce County Auditor

Follow @PierceCountyAud


Who to follow on Tacoma Twitter for: COMMUNITY CONVERSATION

Tacoma Untapped – New restaurants, new buildings, and inside scoop

Chris Karnes – Transportation advocate

Silong Chhun – Came to Tacoma as a refugee from Cambodia, now a leading local voice


RR Anderson – Local Political Cartoonist and owner of Tinkertopia


Kellie Richardson – Former Tacoma Poet Laureate 

Derek Young – Started Tacoma Runners


Bill Reilly – Longtime Pierce County Builder and Agent

Erik Hanberg – Tacoma writer, Founder of Channel253 Podcast Network, MetroParks Commissioner


Evelyn Lopez – Local lawyer who is deeply engaged with local civics

Nate Bowling – Former Tacoma High School Teacher, Nerdfarmer Podcast Host, currently teaching abroad

Hope Teague Bowling – Former Tacoma High School Teacher, Interchangeable White Ladies Podcast Host, currently teaching abroad



Melissa Mallot – ED of Citizens for a Healthy Bay



Sweet Pea Flaherty – Owner of King’s Books


Michaela Eaves – Local artist, animal rescuer, and writer


Who to follow on Tacoma Twitter for: MEDIA

The News Tribune – Tacoma’s Newspaper


KNKX FM – Tacoma’s NPR Affiliate


Channel 253 – Tacoma podcasting network


Craig Sailor – News Tribune Reporter


Will James – KNKX Reporter


Citizen Tacoma – A podcast about government and politics in Tacoma


Sean Robinson – Journalist at large in Tacoma 


Sue Kidd – Creator of DinePierceCounty.com and food journalist


Who to follow on Tacoma Twitter for: NONPROFITS

Tacoma Urban League – Social Equality


Northwest Immigrants Rights Project – Lawyers defending and advancing immigrant rights


Downtown on the Go – Transportation advocates and a resource about Downtown Tacoma


Write 253 – Local literacy arts organization for Tacoma youth


Metropolitan Development Council – Homelessness, Healthcare, Education, and more


Tacoma Community House – Immigrants and Refugees


Graduate Tacoma – Working to improve Tacoma Public Schools


Citizens for a Healthy Bay – Environmental Nonprofit focussed on Commencement Bay


Associated Ministries – Uniting People of Faith in Tacoma


Ok, Ok, Ok, so truthfully we had planned to list a bunch more Tacoma Twitter folks on this list but we’ve been typing for over an hour and the fingers, THEY ARE TIRED. Our list of folks on Tacoma Twitter is by no means even close to complete- but it’s a great start. Great folks follow other great folks, so dive in and join the conversation! And don’t forget to follow MoveToTacoma!

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