Tacoma real estate agent and MovetoTacoma.com creator Marguerite Martin was recently quoted in an article in Bloomberg. The headline is, “The National Association of REALTORS is sorry about all the discrimination.” The article talks about the history of discrimination by the REALTOR Association and the Association’s recent apology. Marguerite was quoted saying now that real estate agents have apologized, they should pay reparations.

Another Illinois city, Evanston, in March became the first in the U.S. to offer reparations to Black households specifically to redress past housing wrongs, pledging $400,000 raised from a tax on marijuana and donations. Marguerite Martin, a Realtor in Tacoma, Wash., sees that as timid considering the damage. To make a difference, she says, reparations should involve government, real estate agencies and associations, and lenders—with agents perhaps contributing a share of their commissions. “We have to make a commitment as an industry that we owe this money and now we have to give it back,” she says. Martin recalls a conversation with one of the NAR’s diversity consultants, who asked her why more agents didn’t work in Black communities. “Because they’ll make less money,” she responded. – The National Association of REALTORS is sorry about all the discimination, Bloomberg News 2022.

The article concludes that the issue of reparations in real estate is a complex issue that goes beyond just the real estate. It closes with a story of a company that moved across state lines to avoid doing business with the Black Community there, saying, “Hey, it’s real estate.”

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