Selling your house in Tacoma or Pierce County can feel very daunting if you know there is work that needs to be done. Even with homes selling quickly right now, doing a little bit of work will definitely increase the amount of money you net on the sale of your home. But what work is worth doing? What work is a waste of time? In this video Tacoma real estate agent Marguerite interviews a couple of her favorite seller’s agents- Madison and Regina.  They talk about how they advise clients on repairs and improvements to sell a house more quickly and for the most money.

Don’t do a bunch of repairs before you reach out to an agent

One of the biggest mistakes folks make when they plan on selling is to say, “I don’t want to call a real estate agent until I’ve made all the repairs and gotten the house perfect.” This is well intentioned, but can end up costing sellers so much money. The repairs and improvements you might instinctively make might not be what buyers are looking for. What you want are the repairs and improvements that make buyers spend more money on your house (or make your house more easily financeable).

What is important and what is not important?

While the necessary improvements can vary from house to house, oftentimes major repairs or updates are not necessary. Staging and cosmetic updates can go a long way.

Getting the most bang for your buck

The things that are important are making sure items in the house are fixed. Stray wires, stains from old leaks, those general punch list items that all of us have in our house! Most sellers have a fixed budget for improvements they can make on their house. Therefor, the goal is to do the items that will have the most impact on the buyers quality of life, take away buyers objections, and help them feel comfortable and excited about the house.

Great contractors are hard to find these days

A great real estate agent who specializes in sellers is going to have contacts for contractors, painters, and stagers. Scheduling bids, laying out the timeline, and bringing a house onto the market can be very stressful. Great sellers agents have contacts and systems and can coordinate it all very quickly. “Within two weeks we can take a house from not-show-ready to gorgeous!”

Tacoma real estate is in one of the biggest sellers markets we have ever experienced. Taking the time to plan and prepare your home for sale and make some basic improvements means more money in sellers pockets. Regina says, “It varies, but spending $2,000-$5,000 can make you $15,000 to $20,000 more!”

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