[fusion_text]The secret is OUT: Tacoma is downright beautiful. From sunrise to sunset, the Narrows Bridges to the Murray Morgan Bridge, there are some picture-perfect scenes in the City of Destiny.

Locals are probably already familiar with these Instagram-worthy views, but in case you haven’t been to our neck of the woods lately… here’s some Tacoma eye candy for you to indulge in:

We’ll start off with a BANG! May we present, the AWESOME video of the spectacular Tacoma skyline by the incredibly talented Just 2 Guys Creative

  1. Downtown Tacoma | Photo courtesy of Just 2 Guys Creative12829529_1070957699634864_7568283752509347711_o
  2. Downtown Tacoma | Photo courtesy of Just 2 Guys Creative12779157_1068059539924680_2254315417536042963_o
  3. Murray Morgan Bridge | Photo courtesy of Scott Hingst via Flickr


4. Tacoma Narrows Bridges | Photo courtesy of Rachel Samanyi via Flickr 


5. Point Ruston | Photo courtesy of Ralff Somoff via Flickr 


6. Downtown Tacoma | Photo courtesy of Scott Hingst via Flickr


7. Tacoma | Photo courtesy of Scott Hingst via Flickr


8.  Tacoma Narrows Bridges | Photo courtesy of Chris Sawtelle via Flickr


9. Titlow Beach | Photo courtesy of Rachel Samanyi via Flickr


10. Port of Tacoma & Commencement Bay | Photo courtesy of Atomic Taco via Flickr


11. Museum of Glass | Photo courtesy of Sheila Sound via Flickr


12. Tacoma Narrows | Photo courtesy of Chris Sawtelle via Flickr


13. Chambers Bay | Photo courtesy of Jared721 via Flickr


Do you have a favorite Tacoma photography or photograph? We want to hear about it![/fusion_text]