If you plan to buy a house in Tacoma or Pierce County this year, you are not alone. The median sales price of a home in Pierce County is $375,000 according to the Northwest MLS. The average home price is $421,327. This is pretty consistent with last year. In 2018, single-family home prices rose 10.23% in Pierce County from January through November of 2018.

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The main reasons for this continued growth are:

1. More people are moving to Washington State.

This is not a surprise to anyone living in the northwest. In addition to population growth from people having kids, Washington State is second only to Idaho the highest rate of inbound moves. For the four-county Puget Sound region (that’s King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties), the median sales price for December’s closed sales was $495,000, up 10% from the year-ago figure of $449,950. 

While it can sometimes feel like everyone moving to Washington is moving to Tacoma, we are actually behind King and Thurston County as far as low inventory. 

The number of single-family homes for sale dropped all over the Puget Sound, but Thurston County had it even worse than we did it. The number of homes for sale in Thurston County fell by more than half (a 54% drop) in 2019. In contrast, the number of homes for sale in Pierce County fell 40% in 2019. King County fell 41.4%, Snohomish fell 36.1%, and Kitsap County fell 34.3%.

2. We aren’t building enough affordable housing. Not even close. 

Not only are we not building enough affordable housing in Tacoma and Pierce County… we’re really not building enough housing across the board. While many efforts have been made to help offset some of the impacts of housing in the region, we are not keeping up with population growth. The population of Pierce County residents that are unhoused has increased to 1,486 in 2018, and the new count will be conducted January 20th, 2020

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