I’ve lived in or around Tacoma almost my whole life. Like most people I get in my ruts and I noticed there were a lot of cool things other folks in Tacoma were doing that I’d never tried. That’s when I started the series TryTacoma.tv. One if the first things I wanted to try was taking a hike in Pt. Defiance Park.

While I’d driven through the park or walked on 5 mile drive many times- I’d never gone off the road and into any of the trails. I know it seems silly, but I really wasn’t sure how to do it- and I didn’t want to get lost. Fortunately my former SOTA Intern Daniel had gone hiking in Pt. Defiance Park lots of times, so he showed me how it was done:

Since shooting this video I’ve gone for walks alone, with friends, and even gone trail running on these trails. I’ve never gotten lost but I have found myself accidentally taking the long way back to the car. We are so lucky to have an unlogged old growth forest right here in the city. It’s so great to be able to go for a quiet walk in the woods without having to drive forever. If you get the time, check it out!