Marguerite Martin has lived in Pierce County for her entire life, and she’s lived in Tacoma for over 10 years now. She recently realized HOLY COW, there is a lot in Tacoma that she hasn’t tried yet! Why had she never jumped into the freezing cold Puget Sound at the break of dawn before? How had Marguerite NEVER gone for a hike in Point Defiance Park?

Join Marguerite as she tries Tacoma (and overcomes her fear of the woods)!

Episode 1: Winter Paddleboarding at Dawn in Puget Sound with Dean Burke

Why would someone wake up at sunrise in 37 degree weather and jump in the Puget Sound? For Dean Burke and his wife Heidi this is an almost daily occurrence. For the first episode of Marguerite Martin joins Dean for a very early, very cold, very FUN trip into the waters of Commencement Bay. Would she try this again? Watch and find out!


Episode 2: Running and Drinking with the Tacoma Runners

Originally founded by Derek Young & Rob McNair-Huff, Tacoma Runners began in 2010 as an idea on Twitter. But who would do that? Go for a run with a bunch of strangers then have drinks? This week on Marguerite tries Tacoma Runners.


Episode 3: Hiking in Point Defiance Park

For some Tacomans, this might be the most boring episode of we could possibly make! Going for a hike in the woods in Point Defiance Park? Hasn’t everyone done that? NO, ACTUALLY NO, NOT EVERYONE HAS DONE THAT. Video guy Daniel from Daniel King Media shows Marguerite how to read the trail maps and they go looking for the largest tree in Point Defiance Park (it’s over 450 years old!!) and Marguerite tries to overcome her fear of the woods.


Episode 4: Open Mic Night at Creative Colloquy

Tacoma’s Poet Laureate Kellie Richardson challenged Marguerite to compose a personal work and read it in a room full of strangers. She says it’s scarier than taking your clothes off! Come along as Kellie gives Marguerite some composition, presentation, and “nerve steadying” pointers before Creative Colloquy Open Mic Night!

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