Should I move to Tacoma?

Maybe! We’re here to help you figure out if you’ll like it and if you’ll be happy here. We have a lot of resources. Check out the Move To Tacoma Podcast, the Tacoma Neighborhood Map (which also includes the greater Tacoma area including Gig Harbor and East Pierce County neighborhoods), and over four years worth of blog posts about the community, things to do, and restaurants.

What is Tacoma like?

Tacoma is a beautiful salt water port City located on Commencement Bay about an hour south of Seattle, WA and 30 minutes north of Olympia, Wa (the Washington State Capital). The closest airport is Sea-Tac (SEA) and is located about 45 minutes north of Tacoma. We have incredible views of Mt. Tahoma (I guess some people call it Mt Rainier) which is the topographically prominent volcano in the contiguous United States.

Tacoma is notable for its historic homes, incredible mountain and water views, a transforming Downtown Core, historic brick buildings, and incredible local coffee and beer.

What is the best neighborhood in Tacoma?

The best neighborhood in Tacoma is super subjective. Here on we have a clickable neighborhood map that helps highlight the unique benefits of each neighborhood. In addition, we used neighborhood surveys to make sure that the content of these neighborhood guides is actually coming from people who live in the cities and neighborhoods we are featuring. The real question is what’s the best neighborhood in Tacoma FOR YOU? We want to help you figure that out.

Where should I stay when I visit Tacoma?

Tacoma has Airbnb and VRBO rentals in almost every neighborhood if you’re looking for a taste of what it’s really like to live here. If a hotel experience is more your speed my three favorites are Hotel Murano and the Courtyard by Marriott in Downtown Tacoma. If you want a waterfront experience check out The Silver Cloud Inn on the pier in Tacoma’s Old Town neighborhood along Ruston Way.

How do I buy a house in Tacoma?

To buy a house in Tacoma first you need to find a buyer’s agent. Washington State allows for dual agency (when the agent works for the seller but writes an offer for the buyer without representing them) so choosing an agent that will only work for you is the first step. Typically in Washington State the seller pays both the buyer and the sellers agents commissions. I recommend choosing a buyers agent that specializes in the neighborhood AND price range you are buying in so that they can give you expert advice. If you would like an introduction to a Tacoma Real Estate agent I’m happy to share my advice with you. Click here to tell me what you’re looking for.

How do I get a loan for a house in Tacoma?

To get a home loan in Tacoma you can go to your bank, credit union, or work with a local mortgage broker. I always recommend going with someone local who knows this market well. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like recommendations to a Tacoma mortgage professional. You can contact me here.

Should I buy a house in Tacoma or should I rent?

This is a very individual question. The main things to consider are 1. How stable is your employment? 2. Do you earn enough money to afford a house in Tacoma? Speaking with a mortgage lender is a good way to determine this. 3. Do you plan to stay in Tacoma a while? Depending on how much money you are putting down it’s a good idea to plan to stay at least 3 years in a home if you are buying. If you’re planning to be in Tacoma fewer than 3 years you may still decide to buy, but you should do so understanding the cost to sell so soon after buying and make sure that works for your plans. If you’re not sure feel free to contact me.

How do I find a rental in Tacoma?

Renting a house or an apartment in Tacoma can be challenging.  At this time, there is no system for you to just call up an agent and work with a person that has access to all of the rentals on the market. The Tacoma area rental market is still a DIY affair. We have a complete guide to finding a rental on our Rental Guide to Tacoma page here.

Is there a list of Tacoma Property Management Companies?

Yes we have put that list together on our Rental Guide to Tacoma here.

What are your favorite apartment buildings?

There are a lot of cool places to rent in Tacoma but we put together some of our favorites on the rental guide here.

Where can I rent a furnished short term rental in Tacoma?

There are not a lot of places to rent furnished month to month rentals in Tacoma. In addition to Airbnb and VRBO there is We have highlighted a few spots in our rental guide here.

Does Tacoma have good schools?

Tacoma’s public schools have had their graduation rate increase every year over the past decade. Tacoma also has a number of highly rated private, independent, and religious schools. To find out more about Tacoma’s schools check out our Tacoma School Guide blog post here.

If you’d like to go deeper in your research Marguerite interviewed Tacoma Public School’s Superintendent Carla Santorno here, University Place School Board Member and TPS teacher T’wina Franklin here, and Washington State Teacher of the Year Nate Bowling here and here. You can also see her interview with Tacoma Public Schools about how to research a school in Tacoma here.

How do I commute to Seattle from Tacoma?

You can commute from Tacoma to Seattle by car, bus, and train. Commuting by car can be a frustrating experience during the morning and evening commute times, especially near the Fife curve. Buses operated by Sound Transit- the 590 and 594 go directly from Downtown Tacoma to Downtown Seattle and the 586 goes directly to Seattle’s University District. You can commute from Tacoma to Seattle on the Sounder Train every 20-45 minutes during weekday morning and afternoon peak hours.