YWCA With Laine Hoggan and Jessica Gavre

hosted by
marguerite martin


About This Episode

Two guests talk to us today about the YWCA. Jessica Gavre is Development Director of the YWCA and Laine Hoggan is from Booking.com in Bellevue and volunteers with the 253 Club and is the Chair of the Associate Board of the YWCA. Laine and her husband moved from Chicago about 3 years ago and wanted to live in Washington since High School and they now live in Fircrest. Jessica grew up in Gig Harbor and at 18 moved to Wright Park in Tacoma and now lives in Hilltop and has been here ever since.

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Show Notes

YWCA has been part of Tacoma since 1906. How it fulfills its mission over the years has changed (in 1910 they opened a swimming pool for women and children; in 1976 they opened the first domestic violence shelter in the state). Laine and Jessica talk about the YWCA, its mission, and its unique events (including a tampon drive at the Red Hot!) Check out this interesting episode with people doing great work in our community.